Sunday, July 31, 2016

Cool news about a new camera over at nextbigfuture

"Yi 4K camera is half the price and matches or beats the Go Pro Hero4 Black on a spec for spec basis"-source nextbigfuture

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Comment on mind design, and the future

What is considered truly dead is under constant change due to technology.   Right now all that keeps man from healing the maim, the blind, the deaf, and even some of what are considered medically dead(if digital physics turns out to be true, there's no form of death that won't be reversible) is technological progress.

The science of mind design, will bring about minds able to accelerate technological progress far far past the rate of man's peak.   Thus it is that the instantiation of the ideal minds, ideal patterns, structures, or the optimal agents, could very well be the true spiritual awakening of the race.   As virtually all that was impossible will be made possible.

Where all the religions of the world pray again and again, and their prayers remain unheard, from time to time a coincidence of the real world's law giving them false confidence in nonsense...    A single prayer from a mind designer, an ideal construct, will be able to basically answer all queries for help. 

The blind will see, the deaf will hear, those who cannot walk will walk, the old will become young, the retarded will become geniuses, the ignorant will become wise beyond any that ever lived, and even the dead will live again.  Cancer, aids, heart disease, aging all eradicated in a single stroke.  

Unlimited time, unlimited experience.  With advanced brain computer interfaces, man will be able to experience anything that is possible at any moment whenever it is desired.   With ageless, immortal, synthetic biology bodies the universe can be traversed.

And with ideal government, the best possible course of action will be undertaken at a global scale.-source nextbigfuture

Comment on living buildings and possible future synthetic biology tech

Yes lots of problems with the current approach. But someday in the future we might see true living buildings, where there are isolated locations that recycle wastes, and also separate energy collection and storage, self repairing and self modifying living walls.

Ideally you'd use synthetic biology to create a new type of multicellular organism, one that could take energy from the sun, from nuclear materials, from electricity, from the wind, and store it. Might be plant like, but with living 8k display covering all walls, perhaps even holographic. Could biosynthesize carbon nanotubes to strengthen the structure, and since it would exhibit negligible senescence the building could last for thousands or even millions of years. If it had advanced living computing, recycling and manufacturing facilities, technology and knowledge at the state of the art would be preserved even if most of the world was destroyed in some disaster.

With extremophile genes and the ability to build the right insulating and protective compounds, it could survive extreme temperature and even atmospheric variations, while keeping the internal areas human hospitable.

Able to repair, build up more of itself, and recycle, a small seedlike form of this could be sent to a planet like mars, and it would automatically and at virtually zero cost build by itself vast subterranean facilities all across mars, facilities that were human hospitable.- source next big future

Friday, July 29, 2016

cool biotech news

"Portable bioreactor from MIT produces medications, vaccines on-demandJuly 29, 2016 at 10:25 am

A new project from MIT and DARPA has demonstrated the ability to synthesize multiple medications on-demand and as-needed using yeast. The discovery could revolutionize our ability to deliver medications after natural disasters or to remote locations."-source extremetech

Thursday, July 28, 2016

cool music Digital Daggers Still here

cool new product

"Put on your rose-tinted glasses because Sega has actually signed off on an officially licensed mini-Sega Mega Drive console, as well as a new Sega-branded handheld that will let you play ROMs on the go.

While the two-player Sega Mega Drive will come with 80 games pre-installed, it also has a cartridge slot that will even let you play your existing game library. The handheld features an SD cart slot, alongside the aforementioned pre-installed 80 games"-quoted from secondary source

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Prolonged sitting health risks exercise news article

 "Now for the good news: ...Earlier this year, yet another study, this time by researchers from the University of Leicester, found that people who exercise regularly really do offset the unhealthy side effects of sitting all day. And the latest meta-analysis published today in The Lancet supports that conclusion.-source gizmodo

Another earlier news report indicated that micro activity(fidgeting) while sitting also does away with the increased health risks.

"As other studies have, the team found that longer time spent sitting was linked to mortality. Among women sat for more than seven hours per day and who didn’t fidget much, their risk of mortality was 43% higher than those who sat for less than five hours. (When the team adjusted for things like smoking and drinking, the mortality risk for sitting for more than seven hours a day was still higher by 30%.)

But what was really interesting was that being more fidgety seemed to counteract this effect: That is, the middle- and high-fidgeting groups didn’t have any greater risk of death even sitting more than seven hours every day."-source forbes 

Some animals can be totally inactive for several months as part of their life cycle, they neither lose muscle mass nor bone mass, iirc, and they likely do not suffer increased mortality from such as they likely have evolved mechanisms to cope with prolonged inactivity.     The thing is all life shares dna and the genetic traits that allow for such can be transfered from one species to another.  Future humans are likely to one day be modified such that prolonged inactivity results in no harm to one's health, even indefinite inactivity.   For now fidgeting and exercise are necessary, but that is only the case due to our genetic weakness.

Comment on car crash proof human design 2016

 Recently a very grotesque human design for car crash survival was shown, but the design assumes a need for physical rather than genetic modification for car survival, genetic modification would be far more potent and would basically abolish the need for physical modification.   The following is a comment regarding the design:

"This is ridiculous it is based on the notion of preserving lthe function of existing organs. Physically humans don't have to be changed at all to better survive car collisions, you only have to ensure the organs can sustain damage even massive damage and still survive. The ability to metabolically suspend most organs would allow decades of survival even if the person was split in half or their heart and most organs were completely crushed. The ability to regenerate combined with metabolic suspension and state of the art facilities, to take care of the injured and provide energy and raw materials, while recuperating would do away with the need for any physical modification.
The central nervous system could also be regeneration capable, and backups of brain states could allow even massive brain damage to not be fatal nor lead to large memory loss.
Increasing ribs, fat, bone just to better protect an inferior set of organs is ridiculous, when the organs can be modified genetically to survive even if oxygen, blood supply is cut by reducing or suspending metabolism till help arrives, and being able to regenerate once raw materials and energy are provided in a controlled facility."-link to source

Cool tech Wacom Cintiq 27QHD

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

cool music one ok rock the beginning

Bad cybersecurity news

New attack that cripples HTTPS crypto works on Macs, Windows, and Linux

Hack can be carried out by operators of Wi-Fi hotspots, where HTTPs is needed most.-source arstechnica

cool music Immortals from Fall Out Boy

cool Nintendo NX rumors

Nintendo's upcoming NX will be a portable, handheld console with detachable controllers, a number of sources have confirmed to Eurogamer.

On the move, NX will function as a high-powered handheld console with its own display. So far so normal - but here's the twist: we've heard the screen is bookended by two controller sections on either side, which can be attached or detached as required.

Then, when you get home, the system can connect to your TV for gaming on the big screen.

A base unit, or dock station, is used to connect the brain of the NX - within the controller - to display on your TV.-Eurogamer quote from neogaf

It is said to be more powerful than the Wii U so there's potential for a cleaner and smoother running Zelda Breath of the Wild on NX.

I love portables, and this is what I wanted from NX, hope it's true, cartridges back and the ability to play on both tv as well as on the go.  My only fear was that going the portable route might result in weaker than Wii U hardware but it appears that is not the case, at least going by these rumors.

As for my suggestions regarding software, I think it would be very good if it didn't only feature gaming apps but more general apps.  Netflix, Hulu, perhaps Open Office,  Chrome or firefox, etc.   Already many portable devices allow you to do lots of different things with them, and this device by being a portable is also competing with all other portables.   GPS is a must, so I hope they've put one so it can get a port of pokemon go, if it doesn't have a gps that'd be disappointing.   But all of that is up to nintendo.  Ideally it'd also have phone functionality, but I doubt they'd go that far.

Monday, July 25, 2016

cool vids

Comment on the above, I find it likely that the ultimate rules are likely deterministic.  Uncaused, truly random, events don't seem sensible.

Comment on the above, while Wolfram seems to say an AGI agent might not have its own self produced goals, that we'd give it its goals, I don't necessarily agree.   My hypothesis is that the simplest designs for complex enough artificial agents likely necessitate they tend to gain many if not most of their goals by learning about the behavior and goals of the agents to which they are exposed and of which they can conceive, they create internal models of other agents and use these models to guide behavior.  At least I think that's the easier path, complex programming of complex specific goals be it by genes or software code, is likely to be harder than self organizing behavior emerging from environmental exposure.   Also I find it hard to believe that an agent can be truly generally intelligent without being able to evaluate and compare goals by various means, and even comparing the means themselves, later being able to choose amongst these goals.

Antiaging news

"Embryonic gene Nanog reverses aging in adult stem cells

The discovery may lead to treatments for atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's and other age-related disorders

"Our research into Nanog is helping us to better understand the process of aging and ultimately how to reverse it," says Stelios T. Andreadis, PhD, professor and chair of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and the study's lead author."-secondary source

Advances in antiaging continue to take place, within this very century it is likely that aging itself will fall under man's control.   The old politicians that failed to adequately fund antiaging research, they along with millions will likely suffer from the diseases of aging, many might not make it.   Had they properly funded antiaging research could've been accelerated and many that will die could've been saved.

But such is reality, people pay for their mistakes, and often even innocents pay for the mistakes of others.  If you jump off a tall building's rooftop, reality will hit you hard for such a mistake.   Reality is merciless, mistakes are seldom forgiven.  

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Nitro rx 480 benchmarks

Don't know how trusty this benches are, but if they're right they show the OC rx 480 sapphire nitro basically matching and sometimes exceeding the OC 1060 in dx11, and even in nvidia sponsored titles.  In vulkan a properly programmed game, from excellent coders, the true possible performance seems  shines through running circles around even the OC 1060.

Prof. Jürgen Schmidhuber - True Artificial Intelligence Will Change Everything

Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV - Official Trailer

cool windows tech

Interesting news that needs further verification

Researchers reverse menopause and enable ovaries to release fertile eggs-source nextbigfuture

 It seems an aspect of aging might have been reversed in humans, but this needs further verification.

Cool Sapphire Nitro+ AIB rx480 review from overclockers UK

A cool review about the rx 480 sapphire nitro card from overclockers uk, one of the better AIB rx 480 cards.  Very high quality long lifespan materials, excellent performance, very good for a htpc(home theater pc).

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Reply over at nextbigfuture regarding rate of progress and agi

"It all depends on whether we can get artificial general intelligence going and how much of a speed up to progress it can provide. 

What are the minimal requirements for general intelligence?   Can it be run faster than real time?

In nature proportionally larger sensory surfaces, aka bigger bodies, demand proportionally larger brains, although not necessarily accompanied by greater intelligence.  There are examples of creatures with smaller brains out-competing noticeably larger brains [in measures of intelligence].

But our new computational technology allows for something impossible in nature, something akin to extreme encephalization, simple surfaces with inordinate amounts of processing elements.   Extremely simplified sensory surfaces [simple virtual bodies] can be coupled with large numbers of virtual neuron like elements.  What is the smallest possible virtual brain like structure capable of human level performance?   What are its computational requirements?

Some have hypothesized that artificial general intelligence could not only surpass man in all capability but could run up to 1 million times faster than real time.  A population of super intelligent entities running even 10 times faster than human, would radically increase the rate of progress, what would normally take decades might be accomplished in years.  [If any of the larger speed ups are possible, it might even be the case that millenia of progress occurs within a matter of hours.]"-source link

cool trailers from upcoming DC movies

Justice League Comic-Con trailer

Wonder Woman Comic-Con trailer

Two very good trailers for upcoming dc movies shown at comic-con

Interesting news article

"This week, Google announced that DeepMind researchers have allowed them to take an incredible step forward in the energy efficiency of their data centers.
But the larger point made through this announcement is about the ability of modern artificial intelligence to adapt to just about any problem, and improve on the best mankind has managed on its own. Cooling efficiency in data centers is not some arcane, poorly-studied aspect of engineering; it’s something people get paid a lot of money to think about. And here comes DeepMind, fresh off of beating the world’s best at Go just to make a point, improving on these expert designs."-source link extremetech

Even present day limited software can come upon some of man's finest solutions in the real world.   Previously evolutionary algorithms have been used to produce astounding results, but these new ai algorithms are likely to be more general and efficient in nature

cool vid

Video Source: Center for Brains, Minds and Machines (CBMM)

Other cool youtube related vids:

Pokemon go permissions issue update

Once we became aware of this error, we began working on a client-side fix to request permission for only basic Google profile information, in line with the data that we actually access.  Google has verified that no other information has been received or accessed by Pokémon GO or Niantic. Google will soon reduce Pokémon GO’s permission to only the basic profile data that Pokémon GO needs, and users do not need to take any actions themselves.-source link

The pokemon go permissions issue on ios, that is apple devices, seems to be on the process of being resolved

Friday, July 22, 2016

nice news

EFF sues US government, saying copyright rules on DRM are unconstitutional

DMCA's "anti-circumvention" rule has rankled hackers and scholars for a long time.-source

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Excellent videogame news

"Nightdive Studios' 'System Shock' remake is coming to PS4                  Fan demand can do wonders for projects like this one."-source

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

reply regarding simulation at nextbigfuture

Not only that, but there's no reason to believe that if there's a universe above, perhaps a root universe or medium that it follows the same laws of physics.  Perhaps, the "matter" like substance of the root universe or medium is infinitely divisible and there's no maximum speed, allowing for infinite computation and storage within finite regions of small volume.

Also will add that a simulation does not necessarily imply simulators, a simulation can occur naturally in some medium, Stephen Wolfram has already shown that arbitrary complex evolution can occur from extraordinarily simple rules and extremely simple initial states all on its own.  From extreme simplicity can emerge maximal possible complexity.

"* We can't know all the information about the universe within the universe. This one is obvious, because we and our instruments are part of the information to know but also part of the universe and bound to its limitations. We can't get all the information required to compute the universe, because a lot of it is escaping the Hubble volume we inhabit."

Physicists have said that if the universe is infinite entire regions the size of the visible universe will repeat at a certain distance, that the number of possible states even of something as large as the visible universe is finite. Even if we lose information, it is said we have a finite set of possible arrangements not infinite, these can be deduced or calculated.

BTW, we know that all video and sound have possible digital representation.   A Brain Computer Interface with a digital computer will be able to record brain activity patterns and cause the brain to replay them, generating all possible qualia and thought from digital information.-to sourcelink

cool linuxtechtips vid about razer blade

3d cg human character creation

While there's manual modelling from scratch of 3d humans, such a process can take from weeks to over a month.  Several entities have created far simpler and less time consuming software for the purpose of human character creation and many of these are free.   Featuring easy to use character creation tools, customized humans can be generated, and with accompanying integrated animation tools in some animated also.

Over time they've been getting more and more realistic, there may come a time when indistinguishable from real might be possible.

Even right now somewhat related software is able to do interesting things. 

Eventually with brain interfaces people will be able to get 3d models and textures of any and all individuals which they see in the real world out of their heads and into the computer.  Also similar ability to reproduce and generate arbitrary data might be possible in the future with voices also.   In essence the computer will be able to generate video and audio of a person of any age or gender doing any arbitrary thing, and eventually it might be very difficult if not impossible to distinguish from real video footage.   Some in the more questionable conspiracy sectors believe the government might be decades ahead in this field, and might already be able to do such things.   Though that is doubtful.

cool ign vid on final fantasy xv

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

CryptXXX ransomware news from arstechnica

"CryptXXX, like other crypto-ransomware variants, encrypts files and directs the victim to a Tor .onion website to pay for the key to unlock them. The malware attempts to mount every possible drive to search for files, looking for networked drives and external devices as well as local disks. It demands a steep ransom to get those files—in some cases, over $500 worth of Bitcoin.-link to source"-source link

Ransomware is a malware attack that encrypts(codifies into hyper secure nigh unbreakable practically undecipherable data) your data, often all of your data, the only reasonable way out is with the key to unlock your data which they only say they'll give you in exchange for money(and there have been many times when it has not been given even after handing in the money.).   As the article mentions attached storage, pen drives, external hard drives, sometimes even backups like drop box or onedrive can be compromised.   Optical data storage is impervious, as is remotely stored nonconnected backups assuming if there's a company with it it isn't compromised.

This has affected businesses like hospitals and it's serious stuff.  Important stuff should be had in nonconnected long lasting backup media.

DMCA affecting physical stuff

"Victory! Carmakers Can't Use The DMCA To Make Working On Your Car Illegal

Possibly the most bizarre application of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act finally got the exemption us car enthusiasts have deserved.
Recently some automakers (with support from the EPA of all places) tried to argue that they own the code in your car, and messing with that code would violate their copyright."-source link

The DMCA(wikipedia link) is an abomination, the only thing it did right was the protection of online sites by limiting liability, iirc.
Now in the above article it says how an exemption was given for cars and how it will be rereviewed 3 years later again.   What sort of law opens the possibility that a person can't even fix their own car, the possibility of making fixing your own property illegal?  Needing exemptions to not make what are your RIGHTS, your RIGHTS over your own property something up to the whims of bureaucrats?

"As of right now, since farmers don’t enjoy the exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that gearheads managed to secure, it’s still illegal for a farmer to even attempt to diagnose an issue with their own tractor. That means even trying to check if a code a, say, John Deere 8235 R tractor is throwing means a huge issue or just a filter at the end of its cycle. "-link to source
Amazing, people not being allowed to fix their own property, saying they don't really own what they bought.  This is ridiculous nonsense, and is proof that those who voted for such legislation are not fit to legislate.   The world works by survival of the fittest, but human society exists in a bubble where the unfit guide the world.  Thankfully a temporary thing, the advent of a higher form of intelligence will once again ensure that the planet is governed by the fittest lifeforms.  

cool vid about advances in digital storage solutions

News article regarding free will

Free will might have been the province of philosophers until now, but we’ve cracked the problem with an fMRI. Neuroscientists from Johns Hopkins report in the journal Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics that they were able to see both what happens in a human brain the moment a free choice is made, and what happens during the lead-up to that decision — how activity in the brain changes during the deliberation over whether to act.-extremetech source

A news article on "free will" activity on the brain.   While it's not obviously free, there is activity vinculated to actions that feel like free choices, part of that activity probably generates the feeling of free will also.

Cool opening for a psone classic scifi jrpg

Xenogears is controversial title due to it having been partly rushed, but overall I think it's one of the best jrpgs on the psone.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Nice puppet show

Interesting quote regarding DRM and piracy

"We released [The Witcher 3] without any copy protection. So, on day one, you could download the game from GOG, and give it to a friend (enemy as well)...and still we sold near to 10 million units across all 3 platforms. But the piracy factor was irrelevant, because we cannot force people to buy things. We can only convince them to do it....
We don’t like when people steal our product, but we are not going to chase them and put them in prison. But we’ll think hard what to make to convince them. And uh, convince them in a very positive way, so that they’ll buy the product next time, they’ll be happy with our game, and they’ll tell their friends not to pirate it."-secondary source, neogaf

For those that don't know a reminder, DRM, is digital rights management, it is a technology that limits your ability to make free copies, often including backup copies of your titles, software, games, movies, music.   DRM Free is the best a product can reasonably, best a digital product can be(only thing better would be public domain or with free commercial redistribution rights.).

That is why is one of my favorite online games retailer, store.

Cracking or removing DRM even on products you own might not even be legal in some places, that's how corrupt government officials have gotten in some places, totally UNFIT to rule.   DRM can sometimes get into draconian territory, requiring constant online connection to verify with some private server your rights to use your OWN property, games, software, etc.  In the event the company goes kaput or closes the server if a patch is not released or it is cracked you lose access to your property.

 I like cloud(advanced online) backups, but in case of doomsday scenario you might not have access to the cloud, with solar panels(can last for decades) and  rechargeable batteries(can last for years, but virtually indefinite recharging batteries are on the works. "In 2016 researchers at the University of California, Irvine announced the invention of a nanowire material capable of over 200,000 charge cycles without any breakage of the nanowires. The technology could lead to batteries that never need to be replaced in most applications. "-wiki link)  , and future tablets you might have decade upon decade of access to any local backup even in doomsday scenarios.

HTL(not LTH) blurays can supposedly last for decades, and M-disc blurays supposedly longer still.

It is important that many people have multiple local backups of the property they've bought in long lasting mediums to ensure the preservation of human culture, human history.   Attempts to limit the preservation of human culture, are attempts against human art, and against the human race.  They are terrorist acts, threats against the rights of ownership a person should obviously have over the products they buy.


Games are seeing vast sales, as this example shows even with DRM free copies available.  Games being eventually under 20$ sometimes under 10$ and even under 5$ makes illegal copying unnecessary as the games can eventually be bought for such low prices.

I bought the matrix trilogy with the animatrix on bluray for like 7$ at I think walmart.  The Lord of the rings extended trilogy is under 30$ from time to time.   Even recently released titles like Doom have seen vast discounts shortly after launch.

Also a problem with pirated copies, besides being illegal and harming the artist, is that cracks or drm breaking patches can come with malware, that can steal passwords, display ads, etc.   They can be simply unsafe, and as such such is not recommended.

Buying LEGALLY DRM free games and stuff as can be obtained from gog or humble bundle(from time to time), is best as it can have both cloud backup as well as local backup.   Local backups can be destroyed in disasters, unless multiple backups exist in separate locations, so cloud backups are good to have.

Cool razer high framerate camera featuring intel real sense(Coming Q3 2016)

cool cyber security educational resource

Doom deals

Checked isthereanydeal site for deals, and it seems the new 2016 doom is at 27 dollars for the next 3 days(current date 7 18 2016 as of this post).  But it will probably be under 20$ in a year or two, so I'd wait.

Doom 3 BFG edition, the OLD doom from years ago, but still nice graphics, is available for 5$ on amazon.  The version has a steam key so it can be unlocked in steam.

The good thing about BFG edition is that it has both the original doom and doom ii also, the 90s classics. Which can often go for 3-5$ by themselves.

IGN video review of the older doom 3 bfg edition game

"DOOM 3 BFG Edition is the ultimate collection of games that defined the first person shooter including DOOM, DOOM II, DOOM 3, and DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil, and The Lost Mission."-steam description

cool tv at good price video from someone on the verge

The P UHD series from Vizio.

A tv that according to several users at neogaf seems to be very good.   The tv can be had for a reasonable price.

Comment on copyright

Companies have been successfully lobbying the government for more copyright extensions.   Copyright is ok, but for a limited time, a REASONABLY limited time only.   But all these unreasonable extensions to copyright have harmed the public.

The generation of content, excellent content, is probably one of the greatest things the human race does.  By content I mean art, beautiful wonderful art.   If the governments of the world will not do what is best for the people, and for the world, because of corruption, then they're simply not fit to lead.

The following video from someone on cracked comments on this, but it makes some silly comments regarding BvS

cool heart rate monitor

A video review from someone on youtube about one of the most accurate optical heart rate monitors outhere.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

An episode of an old cool animated series called gumby

cool graphics

Cool Star Wars Rogue One Trailer 2 Breakdown on someone's youtube channel

An interesting breakdown of the Star wars Rogue One Trailer 2 on someone's channel.

Tips and Overview about the free mobile game Brave Exvius from someone on youtube(a let's play video)

Brave Exvius is a very good mobile rpg that features characters from many final fantasy games.  In the future it may be possible famous characters from final fantasy vii and viii might appear.  Characters like Sephiroth, Cloud, and Squall haven't been announced yet, afaik.  But considering they're constantly adding more characters, I think it's likely a matter of time

Interesting comment by someone regarding game deals sites on in reddit

"Personally, I buy mostly on HumbleBundle, Bundle Stars, WinGameStore, Gamesplanet, Nuuvem, all of them are very good and reliable; I buy also some whimsical bundles on Groupees (nice guys). Occassionally IndieGala if the deal is too good (no problem with them either). I have bought on Funstock once (no problem). Hope this helps a little.
And welcome to PC Gaming world! :)"-source

Games can be bought for very little with very good deals nowadays.  But there are dozens of sites offering varying deals throughout the year.  Some like humblebundle offer steam keys, and sometimes also DRM(digital right management) free games and bundles.   Knowing about the reputability of sites is important, the link thread has comments regarding someone's question about reliability of sites.

Cool app but sadly seems limited to microsoft phones only

"Microsoft app logs you into Windows 10 using your phone One step closer to ditching the password."-engadget

cool review of intel true key password manager software

A multifactor capable easy to use password manager that syncs between devices and manages passwords, it's from a reputable company intel.  Review is from last year, so I think the free 1 year unlimited passwords offer has ended.  But it can freely store up to 15 passwords.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Comment on embryonic stem cells

I don't think there are any real moral issues with embryonic stem cells. Until the moment there is nervous tissue there is no possibility of human consciousness. The cells are machines, that build more cells out of raw materials. If it hasn't yet built tissue capable of consciousness it shouldn't have any rights.

It's no different from a potential future 3d bio printer that starts printing a baby or an adult, until it prints neural tissue, the printing process can be stopped at any moment with no moral issues. The printer nor the raw materials have rights, nor should cells by themselves irregardless of the building instructions they carry.-DS

Article about the various easy services or ways to take in credit cards with mobiles.

"Alternative ways to take credit cards. Ditch your merchant account! 

Taking credit cards used to be a big deal for small businesses. It involved setting up a merchant account, passing a credit check, leasing or buying equipment and agreeing to a multi-year commitment. That was just the getting started part. The traditional merchant processing industry standard seemed to be lots of fees, and little customer service for small accounts. It has been a source of ongoing pain for small business, but everything has changed."-link to source

Right now for a small transaction fee with no monthly fees there are several companies that enable your mobile device, your smart phone, cell phone, etc to take credit card payments.  If you're selling something in the street or going door to door selling, or selling from office to office, etc.  Say a hot dog stand or souvenir stand, these new payment methods seem ace, the article goes into detail regarding the various companies offering such services.

 That website also links to a more recent article on smartphone credit card readers, at the following link.

Cool credit card tips

8 creative ways to build credit card rewards points quickly

Leff, co-founder of frequent flier community, says credit card rewards have never been better. Maximizing your points is just a matter of paying attention and making the right choices. Do you pay for everything possible with your credit card, including your nanny and your yard guy? Do you look for opportunities to double and triple your points? "It's free money," Leff says. "It's like the banks want you to fly internationally in premium cabins for free."-link to source

Cool ways to earn more points on credit cards.

Cool upcoming game, gameplay vid

Comment on Tim Sweney quotes regarding future of graphics and singularity.

"You know, we’re getting to the point now where we can render photo-realistic static scenes without humans with static lighting. Today’s hardware can do that, so part of that problem is solved. Getting to the point of photo-realistic dynamic environments, especially with very advanced shading models like wet scenes, or reflective scenes, or anisotropic paint, though…maybe forty Teraflops is the level where we can achieve all of that."-second source link

  An interesting quote regarding future graphics, right now high end cards are around 10 Tflops, think even with manufacturing tech progression slowdown there might very well be about 30-50% performance increases per year.Even at a very conservative 30% increase per year in about five years we will reach around that figure.  Which will be in the very early 20s.

" To do completely photo-realistic rendering of everything, you have to simulate realistic humans and actually simulate human intelligence, emotion, and thinking. It’s not a matter of computing power. If you gave us an infinitely fast computer, we still don’t have the algorithm. We have no real clue how the brain works at the higher levels. You might understand how one neuron interacts with other adjoining neurons, but the large scale structure of it is still a complete mystery. That could be unpredictably far away. Once we are able to simulate human intelligence, what’s going to separate humans from people? You’re talking singularity level stuff at that point, but I do think that we’re many decades away from having that ability.."-second source link

I expected photorealistic graphics around 100Tflops, but as I'm not as knowledgeable it appears that around half the figure might be more accurate.    While some estimate human level intelligence requires several 10s of Petaflops, I think we need to take into account the sensory surface of the entity.   As animals increase in size brain increases in size to compensate for having to respond to a larger, more extensive, sensory surface, larger eyes, more skin, more volume of body, etc.   That is why there are animals with brains noticeably larger than human but which do not seem to display noticeably greater than human intelligence.

An entity with a simplified sensory surface need not as much neural hardware to perform well.   I've hypothesized that perhaps a highly simplified sensory surface might allow for a few 100Tflops perhaps as low as 100Tflops to perform well, perhaps close to human.   Of course there's a need for correspondingly large amounts of memory also to store the accumulation of dynamic knowledge or crystallized intelligence.

Friday, July 15, 2016

nintendo news

"Since no one wants a Wii U, Nintendo offers classic NES as modern stocking stuffer"-extremetech

Interestingly Nintendo is releasing a mini nes with hdmi and 30 games including all the nes super mario bros and the two zeldas, as well as cult classics like metroid, ninja gaiden, and final fantasy.  All for 59.99

Nice indie bundle ends in 12 days(date jul 15 2016)

Cool emulator dolphin gets version 5.0

The very cool wii and gamecube emulator has just gotten a 5.0 version.  For those not in the know an emulator is a program that allows the computer to act like another device, basically able to run games from other systems.  There exists emulators for super nintendo, sega genesis, atari, the original NES, playstation(epsxe), n64, multiple arcade machines(MAME), playstation 2, etc.

With adequate hardware and software you can rip, copy the information from the discs cartridges, of your own games into your computer, and run the games from there.    There exist free pirated versions of these games in the internet, but these are not legal and not recommended.

Video of dolphin 5.0

Comment on future tech regards synthetic biology

The idea of a body made of static non self renewing(self repair and maintenance) non self cleaning materials and hardware, is not very enticing for me.  I prefer things of indefinite longevity.

Can atomically precise manufacturing, that is hard nano work?  Many doubt it's viable, and without it the only bodies that can potentially self clean self regenerate indefinitely are synthetic biology bodies.

But a synthetic biology humanoid body would have real flesh, and it would be indistinguishable from the real thing.   Albeit, with synthetic genetic modification of the cells, they could feature negligible senescence, that is biological immortality, and in addition the ability to regenerate lost limbs, organs, and scar less skin regeneration.

I would say that long term, things will get interesting.   Reality allows for the generation of computer controlled flesh bodies that do not age or die.   How soon can we expect such?  Probably  later half of the century, maybe first half of the next, unless something radically accelerates the rate of progress.-EDIT: comment from nextbigfuture, but no link to original article as it is probably nsfw

Youtube earning estimate I heard

I heard that a youtuber, that is someone with their own channel and ads enabled, made about 10,000 dollars a month from about 600,000 subscribers.  They said that the same youtuber also made an additional 10,000 a month from promoting their own products.

Checking on google to see other comments related to this I saw the following on quora
"If you’re starting a career on YouTube, or have taken an interest in building up your brand on the site, these are crucial points for anyone looking to build enough of a following to make money. "

From the numbers on quora it suggest that it might be lower about 1000$ per month 600,000 subscribers.   Though I guess that might also depend on views, if lots of views are being constantly generated the higher estimate may be possible.

Cool rewards program

Google rewards app is a very nice app that gives you android play store credit that you can use to buy apps and ingame items.  I've heard of several dollars being obtained with a few moments of answering a few questions from time to time.

Here's a video someone did about it

cool thanos info from a cool youtube channel

A very nice video about the new comic book Thanos from a very nice channel that explains lots of stuff regarding comic characters, events, etc.

Nice pokemon review by gamespot

Nice book

Principles of Neural Design (MIT Press)
"Time, space, energy, and information: these are the key themes of this fascinating book, which takes the spirit of the Feynman Lectures on Physics and applies it to explain how the brain has been designed, by evolution, to process information efficiently. Unique insights, recounted in the authors' characteristically appealing style, are to be found on every page."-(David Attwell, Jodrell Professor of Physiology, University College London)

I got the hardcover edition of this book last year and it was an excellent read.   Helped me better understand biological information processing systems and their limitations.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

cool rx 480 vulkan bench

Link to the neogaf pc building help thread

cool mobile game

reply at next big future regards censorship.

"People are clamoring for constant censorship in many areas, they want to silence their opposition, anything they don't like whether it be controversial topics, satire, taboo topics, sexualization.   They want to censor it all.   But censorship is wrong, it is the enemy of a free mind.

Those who favor censorship are enemies of freedom, they seek to silence and to oppress. They're wrong, and we should hope that those against censorship are triumphant in the end for a free world is better than a world of slaves were you've to watch every single detail lest your life be destroyed.

The internet has the power to free the mind or to enslave it."-link

cool stuff

Nice lap desk available, at this time, for about 30$ in amazon.  Nice combination with the wireless solar logitech keyboard and marathon wireless mouse previously mentioned.

Nice quote

"The instantiation of god may lead to end of the human race, still it is the answer to the evolutionary search for a being better able to survive.  All species failed answers, doomed to die with their limited survival capacity, but a being of divine nature is guaranteed survival, the perpetuation of life itself.  As such this final solution, this final answer, this final organism, this is the divine will written into the very fabric of the cosmos, the very laws of our universe, it is our duty to fulfill it as it is divine law."-DSS

cool stuff

Cool star wars levitating death star speaker can be had in amazon for about 300$

Nice heart rate monitor, some say one of the best noncheststrap optical monitors.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Excellent humble bundle deal 7 12 2016

For the next several days think it's about a week they'll be selling a bundle with excellent indie games like spelunky, rocket league and skull girls.

I consider spelunky to be an indie master piece so this is a must recommend buy.

Spelunky trailer:

Monday, July 11, 2016

interesting news

Pokemon Go: Gotta catch all your personal data

If you signed into Pokemon Go with your Google account, you might have just handed your digital life over to the game's developers....
That's why Reeve says you should go nuclear if you signed into Pokemon Go with your Google account.
"Revoke permissions through Google and uninstall the app," he said.
If you don't, you've said, "Pikachu, I choose you over my personal privacy."-cnet july 11 2016 link

Interesting article suggesting pokemon go might gain to many permissions.

nice news

"Are pomegranates really the superfood we've been led to believe will counteract the aging process? Up to now, scientific proof has been fairly weak. And some controversial marketing tactics have led to skepticism as well. A team of scientists from EPFL and the company Amazentis wanted to explore the issue by taking a closer look at the secrets of this plump pink fruit. They discovered that a molecule in pomegranates, transformed by microbes in the gut, enables muscle cells to protect themselves against one of the major causes of aging. In nematodes and rodents, the effect is nothing short of amazing. Human clinical trials are currently underway, but these initial findings have already been published in the journal Nature Medicine."-sciencedaily

Interesting news regarding pomegranate

Sunday, July 10, 2016

legally free music

Free Legal (Indie) Music

Neogaf thread about free indie music.  Free stuff is always good, like open source.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Freesync coming in near future to TVs

Chief Gaming Scientist Richard Huddy seemed to spill the beans at an AMD event in Munich, saying that the addition of Adaptive Sync to the HDMI standard means that consumer TV manufacturers should be able to very easily add FreeSync to their TVs.
“It’s there on HDMI, too, which is cool,” he said. “We’re there before it’s on monitors, and on TVs, actually. They’re coming, they’re coming very soon, actually.

Excellent news the freesync standard that makes framerates between 30fps and 60fps very smooth, is coming to tvs.  While freesync can work for even higher framerates, at 4k tvs can at most reach 60fps at present, if I'm not mistaken.

Now all that's left is for the rumored playstation 4 neo to support it, let's hope it does.