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TDA青鸾式旗袍ミク【初音ミク】SAYONARA【Model DL】

"FAKE NEWS AGENDA:" & the US Govt.'s New Propaganda Factory

Vice Article & Reza Aslan Try Slamming Us for Reza Aslan Critique, Fail ...

Reza Aslan Cannot Be Trusted

8 Bit & '8 Bitish' Graphics-Outside the Box

「信義」Chain Of Memories

How AI can bring on a second Industrial Revolution | Kevin Kelly

news article on time crystal

Normal crystals, likes diamond, are an atomic lattice that repeats in space, but physicists recently suggested making materials that repeat in time. Last year, reseachers sketched out the phases surrounding a time crystal and what to measure in order to confirm that this new material is actually a stable phase of matter. This stimulated two teams to build a time crystal, the first examples of a non-equilibrium form of matter. -sciencedaily article on time crystals

It needs further confirmation, but time crystals might indeed be possible.   Some recent articles had suggested they might be impossible, but this new research suggests they may actually be possible.   Further information in favor or against is needed.

Sakuzyo - The void (Album: AngelFalse)

TeZATalks - STFD

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Marys Creek - Buried Deep Within

Crown The Empire - "Memories of a Broken Heart" lyrics


The Most EPIC Case Yet? Phanteks Enthoo Elite!!

Essence of linear algebra preview | link to cool series, more info at youtuber's channel

Comment on specialness of intelligence

Comment on universality of computation and the specialness of general intelligence.

Some like Wolfram have already commented on the universality of computation in nature, the principle of computational equivalence.   Those who're opposed to digital physics, often subscribe to dubious notions such as the existence of "TRUE RANDOMNESS" and the existence of physical objects and physical processes with "infinite precision" in their physical manifestation, the physical manifestation of real numbers through natural phenomena.   Something that would basically imply that "Super Tasks" are taking place in nature, something that is highly dubious.

Now while commenting on the universality of computation,  and the issue of general intelligence, Wolfram seemed to imply that there is nothing that made it fundamentally different and special and that might be brought about to technological fruition by some key insight into the nature of intelligence.

I will say that, while I can't entirely provide evidence to refute the claim of lack of specialness, I will point to another process that most can agree does show specialness amongst the phenomena found in nature.  Such that we can see that even if we said two processes are computationally equivalent in complexity and nature of computations, there can be notable difference making one process special, such that computational equivalence does not preclude the possibility of specialness. That is the evolutionary process, we can all see that although the nature of computation is universal and similar in kind across natural objects and phenomena, something like evolution does indeed look special.  

 Evolution can reshape the universe, neither the weather, nor physical erosion, nor the workings of inanimate objects have that property.    We can observe that the evolutionary ratchet creates myriad of solutions, most we can see are truly dead ends(fated to die by many an inevitable natural event), but amongst these there is a drive for increased complexity in a fraction of the paths, this increased complexity opens the path towards dominion of physical processes themselves and survival from most any possible eventuality.

In intelligence we see the Coup De Grace of evolution, it's greatest and final weapon to survive, the designs of the ultimate trait for a survival machine, the means towards the perfection of replication and sustenance of purposeful action.    Not only can intelligence increase survival probability against anything that can be survived, but it also has the potential to generate ever more diverse forms of expression, of art, of science.   Gathering all the solutions not just from other life forms that have existed or exist, but from all possible life forms past present or future, from the platonic realm of all possibilities itself.   As we go up in intelligence we can see the difference, in the nature of behavior and the complexity of output produced.   While say a pack of wolves might say have similar level of complexity and similar types of processes internally, externally their actions will not amount to much.   But look at humanity, it might have taken tens of thousands of years, but as knowledge has accumulated it has interacted with our innate intelligence, and produced and ever expanding growth to the accompanying body of knowledge, and the ability to manipulate nature with ever greater degrees of control. 

We've also seen the production of music, games, movies, books, papers, performances, all manner of works by man.  A rich and ever growing body of diverse works feeding of each other, the very evolution of information itself, replicating in a digital form ever more and changing wildly like a fire, ideas set free.

This is very different in kind from other things happening around, it may be similar in both the nature of the operations and the degree of complexity, but it is not just history that makes it special.   If humans or future humans appeared out of thin air with an advanced culture and art, it matters not that such would lack history, the information content is there, and the richness of the civilization would be there.

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Comment on neogaf nonsense post about sexual objectification.

No, sexually objectification is different from mere sexualization. I would have no problem with sexualization, but that's not what this is. This is objectification. Learn the difference.-Veelk source link

Sad people talking about sexualized imagery being objectifying.  Whatever that means.  Objectification, is merely a word predominantly used by feminists to basically look down upon attractive sexually provocative women. 

Here's the thing, tell most any man he can have a photoreal doll that he can do whatever he wants with it, but there won't be anybody inside, or a real human partner that will truly feel everything shared, and most anyone will choose a real partner.    Feminist know this, men don't want objects, generally, they want partners.  And many want highly attractive partners.   They don't view them as objects, though in the future they will have objects with all the physical properties of real females, irregardless of that future the reality is that most men tend to want partners and view those of the opposite sex as partners, not objects without feelings.

There is nothing wrong with sexualization in media, and those who claim it's 'objectifying' are only using hateful speech towards attractive women, labeling them as sex objects, probably out of envy.

In this particular post, they link to a pathetic article regarding consent on being viewed in a sexual manner, and the ridiculous notion of active consent(yes can I do this, yes can I do that), something that most people laugh at as it ruins the move and breaks the flow of real human sexual interaction.   In reality there's implied consent or active dissent.   Asking every five minutes if you can continue with a sexual interaction, and asking at each step of the way if you can proceed is sadly retarded, it's just what it is.   If someone doesn't like what's happening they can give verbal and physical signs to stop, easy as that.

Now as to the idea of consenting to be viewed some way, and not being viewed in the way you like it, somehow being wrong.  Well that's venturing into thought crime.  I can watch and think sexually of whoever whenever, and I can draw, model, etc such individuals in whatever way I choose in the privacy of my home with my own private property.   There is nothing wrong with the free use of one's mind and properties when it does not infringe on others rights.   The idea that you have ownership of your likeness, and say if someone else has a similar likeness*(say a twin) you can restrict their actions to suit your whims, is wrong.   For legal purposes you do own the use of your likeness in public displays and public works, but private use of your likeness is fair use, and does not in any way infringe on your rights.       The number of possible human faces is finite, given enough time and resources, a person devoid of any contact with the real world, will be able to generate all human faces past present and future without ever having looked at you personally.     Art can occur and an artist can generate a similar face even without ever having looked at you.

Obviously due to social etiquete, social manners, it is not appropriate to stare or do any awkward and inappropriate action in public that would cause discomfort to others.   That's just behaving appropriate according to social rules.   Some societies might exist where it is disrespectful to not stare, say at those with higher social standing or during a certain social event or ritual, others even taking a glance might be disrespectful.

Now as pertain fictional characters, these characters are the creation of the author of the work, if the author says they consent and can consent, they within the fictional world have the mental faculties and desire to consent as defined by the author, no ifs ands or buts.    Whether you want to view the characters as avatars of the author or not is up to you, but the characters can consent to anything being done to them within a fictional work.   Also the portrayal of injustice and nonconsent, is within artistic right, if a person wants to depict slavery, war, torture, rape with fictional characters they should be free to do so.   Those who do not like such products, well they don't have to buy such products.   

There is nothing objectifying about portraying a character in a sexual way, if the character is meant to be a nonconscious machine then it is objectifying.   But again representation of nonconscious humanoids is not wrong in any way, so such objectification is not wrong, and these nonconscious humanoids are something that will be available in the future, nothing wrong with portraying a very desirable future product.

At most one could say that women are being portrayed in a manner that suggests they're open to sexual advances, as they seem to be portrayed in a "come hither" manner in some media.   Again no one is forcing them to do this, and in the case of fiction it involves no one, so in the end this is merely a physical sign of consent to sexual advances, something that does happen in the real world albeit less obviously usually.    There is nothing wrong with a woman exhibiting receptivity to sexual advances in images or video, even if such appearance was generated artificially solely for the purpose of promoting some product.   Again, being portrayed as open to sexual advances does not make a person an object.

Sakuzyo - Independent Puppet (Album: Pop Candy Wonderland)

PS4 Pro HDR 4K TV Buyers Guide: Five Sets to Get the Most Out of Your Games

Skan - Giant

【MMD】Begin Again【Tda式ミクキャミワンピ】

【MMD】You May Not Want To Hear This But【Tda式Crystalミク】

Xbox Scorpio NOT NATIVE 4K? - The Know Game News

Japan | No Country for Islam - Here's Why

This Farm of the Future Uses No Soil and 95% Less Water

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REPEAT | Serenade of Water 10 Hours

Saya no Uta OST - Kanako Itou - Shoes of Glass

Final Fantasy VIII - Balamb Garden [HQ]

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Consonance [Extended]

Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star- OST - 01 Eternal recurr...

Crest of the Stars / Seikai no Monshou ~ Opening Sequence HQ

Mozaiku Kakera - SunSet Swish - Code Geass Ending 2 English Lyrics

Fi's Theme Metal/Rock Remix (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword)

Fear and Grace - So Cold (Breaking Benjamin Cover)

Skan - Giant

Harito - unlocking (Album: MaRy)

Figure 17 opening

Hei/Yin - Shattered

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Tomoya Naka - Rainy Song

15 Reasons Why The Future of Video Game Graphics Is JAW DROPPING

Short Comment on personal uses of sought after additional capabilities

The idea mentioned previously to seek to acquire greater capabilities, to attain greater freedom, security, and time.    The personal use of these resources is for the accumulation and protection of a greater store of knowledge, and general purpose capacities, and not only the provision of access to these, but the guaranteed indefinite provision of access to these.   To 'free' the mind, and enrich it, personally and to many.   The enrichment of consciousness, and the protection of gained capacities and the vast knowledge gained by the human machine civilization, as well as the genetic legacy of all lifeforms, the perpetuation and fulfillment of life, the solution, the final solution.

jan 2017| Article on timing of tv deals from last year

"If you thought Black Friday deals were good, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Last year's TVs were discounted an average of 20 percent in many Super Bowl sales. But if you can wait until after the game, you're likely to see even deeper discounts, in the 30 percent or more range. This can mean huge savings on a big-ticket item."-source link

Darn those tv manufacturers, pretty much discontinuing 3d.   I was waiting for variable framerate, dynamic HDR which were going to be available likely late 2017 to sometime in 2018 with the new hdmi 2.1.   But given that those tvs will likely lack 3d, and 3d will remain niche unless something like ultra-d glass-free 3d becomes a success and reinvigorates the market or some big movie pushes 3d heavily again(hopefully the next avatar doesn't abandon 3d.  3d is very important and very immersive if done right), given that, I think getting one of last year's models featuring 3d + 4k + hdr sounds right, especially if you can get them with a very good deal.

Artcore/Electronica Compilation

Top 10 CES Inventions that will Blow your Mind | mention of Ultra D technology

Link to an article on CES 2017

"1.Just when we thought nothing could top the television screens that are on the market now, 3D TV has entered the scene and shattered our expectations. With this innovation, you can enjoy watching your favorite television shows, movies, video games, YouTube videos, and DVDs in an amazing 3D format without the need of those obnoxious 3D glasses...."-more at source link

Microsoft Surface Studio - They ALMOST Changed the Game...

Can a Chess Piece Explain Markov Chains? | Infinite Series

Vega: AMD’s Next Generation GPU Architecture

Google AI Expert Blaise Arcas - Creativity of Artificial Intelligence

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Stunning Video Game Graphics With Voxel Cone Tracing | Two Minute Papers

Indie Comic GhostBlade Trailer

Cold Kingdom - Let It Burn [HD]

Why Salt & Pepper?

How An Igloo Keeps You Warm

$300 CPU Beats $4000 CPU?? - Cores vs clockspeed for video encoding

Evolution of Video Game Graphics 1962-2017

Holographic Touch Interface in a CAR? - BMW @ CES 2017

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Best Songs for Playing LOL | 1H Gaming Music | Tobu Playlist

4 Major Changes to PC Cases in the Last 5 Years: Then and Now

LIAN LI O Series

Gravity Rush 2 PS4 Pro/PS4: Graphics Comparison + Frame-Rate Test

Most Epic Music [MiX] ∥ The Best Of: «Hiroyuki Sawano & Mika Kobayashi» ...

Holding a 60TB SSD

AMD VEGA Shown Running 4K at Ultra!!

In the beginning was the code: Juergen Schmidhuber at TEDxUHasselt

The Best Of: «Hiroyuki Sawano & Aimer» BEST OF VOCAL WORKS [nZk] - Sound...

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Fate Zero - A World on Fire [AMV/Fan Trailer, HD] (Spoiler-free)

Z270 + AM4 RYZEN Boards, Freaking GUS.

How to Build a Gaming PC: Step-by-Step Walkthrough 2016

New Asus Z270 Boards & 4K HDR Monitor @ CES 2017

Ultra Small Intel Kaby Lake System

Holovect Draws Objects In The Air With Light

LAST YEAR CES | StreamTV Networks - Glass-free 3D Ultra-D - Bud Robertson - Interview - ...

Link to an article on upcoming TV tech

Your next TV will pack more than just additional pixels

Ultra-D Glasses Free 3D TV Interview with StreamTV Networks

Lawrence Krauss Nobel Lecture The Universe at Its Limits

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Horizon Zero Dawn - PlayStation Experience 2016: The Machines Trailer | PS4

【PDA-FT PV】白い雪のプリンセスは【雪ミク2017】(720p/60fps)


AMD Has Ryzen!

How Carrie Fisher Felt About That Rogue One Scene - IGN Daily Fix

【MMD】Ai Kotoba II 【TDA Miku Type 2020】

Gigabyte's Epic Builds, All New Motherboards, and... a CPU Cooler?

Restricted section of 'future' internet, and increase in valid choice selection menu

We can imagine a future internet where systems generating minds are connected to each other and interact in highly complex ways.   It can be imagined, that in such a future internet where qualian language is used, vast possibilities are possible(qualian language:language involving the exchange of qualia, aka using patterns structured to generate qualia and interfaces to receive such).

IF we assume the universe is computational in nature, it may be that our experiences and the limits we experience within reality are the result of being within a region where such limits have been placed. 

 Technological progress may enable minds in the future to interact with each other in far more complex ways, directly connecting to each other, as mentioned.    Some may call the reality of this higher language and exchange of information as not real, but it may be the case that we may find that through such we can actually operate at a deeper level, and depending on the nature of our technological harnessing of the nature of existence, we may be able reach higher states of existence.

It may be that reality itself, existence itself, might have an underlying nature similar to an 'internet' like system, and our increasing capabilities are taking us in a direction enabling us to understand and communicate both with each other and any possible intelligence outside our domain at a level beyond our wildest dreams.

As the barriers and limitations of the real are shattered, as the 'present' shatters before the new 'present', the so called 'future', the world as is ceases to be, and everything becomes possible.

CES 2017- LG 4K OLED TV: The New Kind of Wallpaper

QLED vs OLED - Which is Better? | CES 2017

4K is Here. Now What? - CES 2017

Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking and Arthur C. Clarke - God, The Universe and...

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Google AI Expert Blaise Arcas - The Coming AI Revolution

Fate/stay night Heaven Feel Route OP Full (ENG Sub)

Sleep Dealer - Nozomi (Hope)

REPEAT | Metalstep - The Glass Alice

The Cranberries - Zombie

The Future of Data Storage

SMART for HDDs/SSDs as Fast As Possible

Fall Out Boy - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark - Light 'Em Up (LY...

REPEAT | Fall Out Boy - Immortals (From "Big Hero 6")

Roby Fayer - Ready To Fight (Ft.Tom Gefen) [Official Lyrics Video]

R.E.M. - Losing My Religion (Video)

benefits of exposure to misinformation if it is recognized as such

Detecting Misinformation Can Improve Memory Later On

Researchers report that exposure to misinformation could boost memory.

【Fate/Zero AMV】Break From This World

Fate Zero [AMV]- the awakening


HDMI's new spec improves 8K, HDR and gaming

You may have to wait to see HDMI 2.1's benefits, though.

-source engadget

New spec with dynamic HDR, variable framerate, and high framerates at 4k.

Stephen Wolfram's Introduction to the Wolfram Language