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Anti-aging therapies targeting senescent cells: Facts and fiction

Anti-aging therapies targeting senescent cells: Facts and fiction

It's an exciting time to be an elderly mouse. Researchers believe that by removing senescent cells (cells with a persistent damage response), which naturally accumulate with age, senior rodents can regrow hair, run faster, and improve organ function. This strategy may bring us one step closer to the 'fountain of youth,' but it's important to be cautious and not hype, says a researcher of aging. -from sciencedaily, link to full article at source

Unpredictability: Black Swans and OCPs

Potential cool upcoming tech| The science of visible thought and our translucent selves | Mary Lou Jep...


If this works it could form part of the basis for future noninvasive brain computer interfaces, you need both the ability to receive information from the brain and to send information to the brain directly for a complete two way interface.

As mentioned in the video this has the potential to improve control of external devices, as it seems able to read information, but a two way brain computer interface, one able to also send information to the brain would seem to need additional tech(perhaps genetic engineering could make proteins receptive to external signals of some sort that could noninvasively get through?).

It also presents an issue regards copyright, someone with very good memory, are they not allowed to show the contents of their thoughts, to share their very memories with one another?  Are we to say there's a copyright violation if someone used such or similar future tech to show memories of a movie or a song to others?

artificial heart article | medicine tech article

The artificial heart became a media sensation in the 1980s as it both raised hopes and spread controversy. Today, its impact on medical science is still playing out in surprising ways.-full news article at nytimes link

Comment:  Procedures to speed up the surgery need to be developed, such that in case of defibrillator failure to restart the heart, death does not result in the hospital.

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Lodoss Tou Senki: Eiyuu Kishi Den opening | lodoss war opening

Udacity Talks | Yann LeCun | Director of AI Research, Facebook

Spoilers | 8 Things in Rogue One That Drastically Changed Key Scenes in Star Wars A...

How the Brain Processes Faces From Sight to Recognition

How the Brain Processes Faces From Sight to Recognition

oled research tech news

Minuscule amounts of impurities in vacuum greatly affecting OLED lifetime

Reproducibility is a necessity for science but has often eluded researchers studying the lifetime of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). Recent research from Japan sheds new light on why: impurities present in the vacuum chamber during fabrication but in amounts so small that they are easily overlooked. -sciencedaily source link

Tesla Autopilot avoids a crash before it happens

Interesting article showing some of the potential benefits of vehicles with higher degrees of autonomy.   Eventually fully autonomous vehicles will drastically reduce accidents, they will also once perfected free time for drivers to surf the web, communicate, and relax while they're moving from location to location.

Tesla Autopilot avoids a crash before it happens

The Model X reacted before there were obvious signs of trouble. -source engadget link

Top 15 Next-Gen Graphic OPEN WORLD Upcoming Games 2016/2017 | PS4 PRO XB...

How I Learned Japanese

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Nier: Automata Full Demo Playthrough (1080p 60fps)

4K HDR Blu Ray - Is it worth it?

[4K] The Best PS4 Pro 4K, HDR and 1080p Games

Deep Learning for Computer Vision (Andrej Karpathy, OpenAI)

Neuroscience news | brain development | dec 2016

Scientists have discovered that networks of inhibitory brain cells or neurons develop through a mechanism opposite to the one followed by excitatory networks. Excitatory neurons sculpt and refine maps of the external world throughout development and experience, while inhibitory neurons form maps that become broader with maturation. This discovery adds a new piece to the puzzle of how the brain organizes and processes information. Knowing how the normal brain works is an important step toward understanding the nature of neurological conditions and opens the possibility of finding treatments in the future. The results appear in Nature Neuroscience.-source neuroscience news link

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What Happens to Discarded Electronics?

Wacom Mobile Studio Pro vs The Surface Pro

Is NieR: Automata the next Great Action Game?

What Happened to this Minecraft Seed?

Eric Drexler - Progress Towards Atomically Precise Manufacturing

How To Soundproof Your Walls With No Damage For Low Cost

Are Prime Numbers Made Up? | Infinite Series | PBS Digital Studios

Death Stranding - PlayStation Experience 2016: Panel Discussion | PS4


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Alien: Covenant | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

RI Seminar: Yann LeCun : The Next Frontier in AI: Unsupervised Learning

A Breakthrough in Higher Dimensional Spheres | Infinite Series | PBS Dig...

Sam Harris on Islam, the Left, Trump, and Hillary

Sam Harris on Free Will, Spirituality, and Artificial Intelligence

Future civilization speculation post over at Kurzweilai

That is not how it works. There are costs involved in exploration, extraction. mining, refining, manufacture and transport. If you think that you can just live in a virtual world, then you are perfect for mind uploading. Sell up and transfer your wealth to my Singudollahs...I promise not to....(You know the rest...)

Ok, suppose I take the vast amounts of land I have, and put fully self sufficient facilities in there, large solar panels, fusion reactors, etc. Just need to send an automated bot to the ocean every few centuries to pick up a bit of water if I want to be all gungho high energy consumption, or every few millenia or more depending on energy use and how much I want to store.
With full self sufficiency with the use of molecular machines able to self repair and recycle all wastes, we could even cut off virtually all matter exchange with the outside and have an enclosed atmosphere, surviving out of sunlight, and keep fusion fuel just in case of emergencies.
Molecular machines can create anything from arbitrary products of the highest quality, displays, computers, machinery, cars, etc to biological humanoids of any shape or size. All ageless, self repairing, that is essentially immortal.
Brain Computer interfaces potentially allow any possible sensation to be experienced at a whim, at a moment's notice, and replayed again and again for free.
It is said that a single grain of sand might be convertible to over a million trillion human brain equivalent, even if the numbers on the brain estimate(think it was 10Petaflop) were off by a million, that's a trillion brains equivalent, hypothetically speaking Even if we reduced this number by a thousand to allow for cooling and interconnect reductions in usable area, that still leaves a billion humans per grain of sand equivalent, hypothetically speaking.
Already memory state changes at petahertz range are being considered as conceivable. So take it I create entire agi civilizations to create vast quantities of art and science. All that content would be mine to use as I desire, I can exchange it, if need be, but realize that for entertainment and increasing my knowledge I no longer would have any need of the external society.
The only thing society would offer in such a scenario is dangers, restrictions and attempts at extracting resources from me and others, if I and others reached that state. I'd have to bother with society, because as a group they may attempt to overpower me and take what's rightfully mine. IF a dictator or what have you took power, I'd basically have to resist. The question is what right does society have to impose its will upon my domain, and demand resources from me, and threaten me with potential torture, deprivation of liberty, etc even were I innocent of any crime?
Yes, initial costs. Then, maintenance costs. Energy can be harvested "for free", once the initial costs have been covered. Then, energy can be harvested "for free", whilst maintenance costs are factored in, over a given theoretical period of time.

There are trees in the middle of the forest that have existed for hundreds of years without paying anyone. These trees depend on an open atmosphere, have low energy assimilation, and do not compare to what is possible with fusion reactors, high efficiency solar energy extraction, and fully enclosed atmospheres.
The plants I kill with herbicide and rip root out from the concrete cracks, they pay no one for materials, they extract them from the ground and the atmosphere. Their maintenance is free, and they self replace, had they been made immortal they'd be there for hundreds of years should no one rip them out.
Fully automated molecular machines cost nothing to maintain, and cost nothing to make, they can emerge from raw garbage, from the ground, from the ocean, from anywhere. We only need the knowledge to create the first set of advanced molecular manufacturing systems, and this system alone can create unlimited versions for free. At most the cost of all the molecular machine systems of the entire universe, all future colonies and all future machines throughout the cosmos, the only cost is the initial R&D cost. And again if you have agi, that's only energy and computational costs, quite small by comparison of all it allows.
Again, you do not own the resources that are required for the very many different things, that you may require. You may own a house and a garden and a car and a dog and a cat and plants and soil. That does not "a free stuff robot" make...

We have no reason to suppose that biological machinery cannot be used to create neural interfaces and advanced computational hardware. Biological machinery self replicates and can basically grow and self maintain all its own, as said even from a few cracks of concrete under partial shadow, vast volumes of biological tissue are constructed automatically and free within weeks. Again this is at low efficiency of solar energy extraction, a high efficiency solar extractor + fusion reactor system, will vastly surpass the rate of biological tissue construction from atmospheric and ground resources.
You need the refined, manufactured and transported at a cost, ready to print, or create, product, that cost someone, somewhere, money, to get to the point that makes it safe and ready to use.

Well One of Drexler's point is that molecular control allows the substitution of cheap common elements for rare elements, all while construction products nearly as good in some cases, but actually vastly superior to current products that use rare building materials in many cases.
Here's the thing to experience any sensation, you need only a neural interface with advanced computer, no reason to suppose it is impossible with biological machinery to do so, and if it is it can be done cheaply with easily available materials. One of the most versatile elements carbon is cheaply available, and molecular machines can build arbitrary products with extraordinary resilience from it. Structurally it may allow for superior airplanes, cars, boats, and all manner of vehicles.
Display wise, we already know organic materials can be used, no reason to suppose biology cannot create high quality ageless displays.
Here's the other thing, molecular machines allow for advanced and perfect recycling, as well as self repairing immortal appliances. Even if the appliance breaks down it can be perfectly reconstructed into a brand new one. Not seeing what exactly it is you need, all this can run automatically with no human intervention, potentially.
There won't be such a time, where "robots have freed us from any concerns over money", where people who have not paid in some way, just lay around and do nothing, whilst robots/AI take care of everything. That is a "heaven of free stuff' belief.

I'm not seeing what exactly stops that once we can design minds. If we have a willing high intelligence being doing work for peanuts, tada. A fraction of the human population has investments managed by others generating in a month more money than a normal human could normally use in a lifetime. This fraction in essence uses the rest of the population as machinery, to travel from place to place and some live a life of pure leisure and decadence. WHAT EXACTLY stops these people to continue their ways, but simply replace the rest of the human population with advanced self sufficient machinery should they want and be able to do so? If the machines are as capable or even more capable, more intelligent, stronger, self sufficient, there's nothing man can do that such can't do better.
what will you do when machines are smarter and more dextrous than you
This is silly. Mind design is quite ample, not all need be non-subservient. Look at a company the engineers, the managers, etc the collective it is smarter than the ceo, and sometimes the ceo's activities are actually to the detriment of the company, which would be better without him, yet they're paid regardless.
If you've a civilization of agi under your roof, it generates more art and science in a year than that generated throughout the collective history of mankind. All those assets are yours, and you can exchange them with others. Whether they'd have worth when anyone can reproduce Einstein, Shakespeare, Archimedes level of quality works. Who knows.

Zelda Wind Waker HD 4K - Graphics Comparison - Next Gen vs Wii U

Comparison | Battlefront 2 (2005) vs. Battlefront (2015) | ULTRA | GTX 970

DOOM 4K PC | Nightmare MODE | Max Settings | 3840 x 2160

The Future Of Artificial Intelligence | Prof. Fei Fei Li

iPad Pro - Astropad Review: Photoshop on an iPad Pro

This low-cost device may be the world’s best hope against account takeovers

The past five years have witnessed a seemingly unending series of high-profile account take-overs. A growing consensus has emerged among security practitioners: even long, randomly generated passwords aren't sufficient for locking down e-mail and other types of online assets. According to the consensus, these assets need to be augmented with a second factor of authentication.-arstechnica

Article recommending security key technology for second factor authentification.   Multifactor Authentication needs be enabled on important accounts to make it harder for hackers to gain access to an account. 

That said I believe means to link accounts, with encrypted long term backups, directly to one's person should be created, such that if one provides, say dna or several biometrics and multiple identifying documents one recovers the account no matter how it was compromised.

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Breathing Theory - Fireflies


tech news on facebook founder's work on ai

Mark Zuckerberg Just Unveiled His Newest Creation, an AI Named Jarvis-source link

iPad Pro 9.7 vs 12.9 - Apple Pencil DRAWING COMPARISON|Which is Better?!

Homo Sapiens 2.0: Genetic Enhancement and the Future of Humanity

Reply regarding voice overs, potential voice overs, and loss of voice actors

[reply to a particular voice actor loss]

His recorded voice for anything from Lelouch to Darth Vader, to Harry Potter, it is nothing more than a binary number. A machine can find this number, as all numbers are eternal truths.
That said computers are advancing rapidly, and there will be a time when you say I want Terminator 2 to play with Justin Bieber as the T1000 and Tom Cruise as the T800?   A machine will be able to make this indistinguishable from the real actors having played those roles in an entirely automated fashion.

As we increase in computation, you'll be able to get what ifs, voicing, and remasters, remakes and continuations for any story that ever was or ever will be.   Automated fanfic eventually superior in quality even to the best of human authors and creators.

Once we have the final solution at hand, which some have called true artificial intelligence, others artificial general intelligence, the full automation of content production will be possible.   High quality art in all styles from photo real to clay animation, to cel shaded, to drawn in one of a virtual infinity of styles, it will all be possible.

Comment source link

This is only a rough glimpse of something that will advance rapidly

Towards a Semantic Language of Mathematics

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Electors remain faithful to Trump and select him as official winner

Trump received 304 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton's 224. -source link

More Truth About World War III

Painting process - Moon and Night


Tha Trickaz - Cloud City

Blade Runner 2049 Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2017) Ryan Gosling, Harris...

Nice OLED tech article over at arstechnica

Deep blacks, bright future—where OLED screens go from here

Can OLED screens move beyond TVs and smartphones?

My thoughts on AMD's new Ryzen (Zen) CPU

Hollow Point Heroes - Calm Before The Storm

Tiny, Silent, Gaming Monster - ASUS G20CB

Konac ft. juu - Won't Let Go

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Thanos Literally Destroys The Marvel Universe (Marvel: The End)

6 Strange Ideas of "Hell" From Around the World

Intelligent People Have Fewer Friends, Here's Why...

Game Physics (in Assembler) - Computerphile

FiASKO - Who Cares

Richard Dawkins ► Lawrence Krauss - Imagine No Religion Conference. Science

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Scandroid - Scandroid (Full Album)

Dreadnought - PlayStation Experience 2016: Announcement Trailer | PS4

Detective Pikachu Official Japanese Trailer

Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer Reveal - SECRETS, Analysis & Things Missed

Native 4K on a CONSOLE - PS4 Pro

New gene-editing technology partially restores vision in blind animals

Salk scientists reverse signs of aging in mice.

Lawrence Krauss and Neil deGrasse Tyson "Existence of Nothing!" [FULL DE...

Richard Dawkins 2016 - Richard Dawkins Debate

Fanless System Possible? Streacom's DB4 Says YES!

Prof. George Church - Nanorobots, Growing Organs, Reversing Aging and CR...

Who Makes the Best Wireless Headphones?

What is CPU Cache?

[60fps Full] LOL -lots of laugh- 初音ミク Hatsune Miku Project DIVA English ...

Enjoy The Silence by KI Theory (Ghost In The Shell Trailer Music)

Radeon Pro Software: Introducing Radeon Loom, a Stitch in Real-time

Abysse - Reality And Secret

[4K] Let's Play Ratchet and Clank on PS4 Pro

Fish oil found to convert fat-storing cells into fat-burning cells

Fish oil found to convert fat-storing cells into fat-burning cells-source

GPU Technology Conference 2014: Iray VCA (part 7) GTC

AMD Kicks NVIDIA’s Arse - “Radeon ReLive” Beats “Geforce Experience”

Pokemon Sun and Moon Collector's Edition Unboxing

Nanoleaf Aurora Smart Lighting: Demo

Reply on aging over at kurzweilai forums

Start with the fly or C. Elegans, achieve very robust results, i.e. not a mere doubling of natural lifespan, then move up the ladder!

C. Elegans lifespan has been increased 10 fold, iirc.
Regards flies, I'm not sure how long lasting their exoskeleton and wings are. If it is not too long lasting it could be a determinant of lifespan, and lifespan increases merely a result of working around mechanical fatigue of nonregenerating elements.
3D printed organs - no closer

? Tissue engineered Bladders have been implanted in humans and been fully working for years. Vast improvements have supposedly occurred in 3d printing biotissues behind the scenes to enable thicker more complex tissue to be grown. Now that chimera research is about to go into overdrive, we will circumvent the whole problem, as a womb can provide full vasculature and all the intrinsic stem cell signals through embryoninc development, no need to know the exact details of the whole process to actually use it.
As I've said with our new more advanced genetic engineering capabilities we could put the DRASTIC metabolic slowdown under adverse conditions capabilities seen in some animals into human cells, expression of such genes could even be regulated by a drug of choice, this would allow the tissues to be built in 3d fashion and withstand longer periods without blood supply. This would require probably changes to the immune system of the new host to be compatible with these changes if it is not merely the result of gene expression changes but actual novel proteins. But it would be ACE for 3d printing biomachines, and biodroids.
Nad+- causes brain cancer

BOLLOCKS, at most it might promote already existing ones. And again this means ZERO, ZILCH, if you are one of the individuals blessed with advanced cancer immunity this will likely have no detriment.
Resverastrol - doesn't work

Resveratrol worked to extend obese mice lifespan to normal nonobese levels. IT also extended the lifespan of multiple shorter lived species including vertebrates. It triples human cell survival to gamma radiation exposure, iirc. But it depends on NAD to work and on longer lived species it seems NAD becomes age related depleted, but we've found ways around that, so resveratrol should work in theory if the NAD depletion is solved.
As for what to study to learn about aging. There are species where the individual members have EXACTLY THE SAME GENOME but the lifespan difference is over 10 fold, I think it's dozens of time longer in some members. A mere change in gene expression allows for dozens fold increase in lifespan. Clearly we could see what allowed for this. Heck even within a human some cells last quite little while others last over 120+ years(longer even than most humans.) showing again dozens fold lifespan difference between cells, yet same exact genome.-source link

Written By Wolves - Explode (Lyrics)

「AMV」Anime Mix- Curse

Written By Wolves - Pretty Lies (Lyrics)

Yahoo was hacked again news | cybersecurity | tech news

Yahoo admits it’s been hacked again, and 1 billion accounts were exposed

That's a billion with a b—and is separate from the breach "cleared" in September.-source link

Is It Okay to Touch Mars?

Is This What Quantum Mechanics Looks Like?

Pilot Wave Theory and Quantum Realism | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios

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Are Space and Time An Illusion? | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios

iPad Pro Pencil vs. Wacom Cintiq Companion

The Truth About Fake News | Russia Hacked U.S. Election For Donald Trump?

DUNKIRK Trailer (2017)

DOOM Resurrected - To Hell & Back (DOOM Documentary)

Repost of post on Guaranteed Employment

Citizens are brought into society without consent due to necessity of the preservation of society, without them society would cease to exist.  They owe them both for bringing them into society without consent, as well for the benefit they bring to the perpetuation of society.

Citizens should not have to struggle with dozens perhaps hundreds of interviews and resumes, just begging for a job, which they may not get.  All under threat of homelessness and starvation.   That is unacceptable.

Either, a form of unconditional basic income is provided(together with a conscription like mechanism to ensure minimal workforce exists while we await full automation), or some manner of employment is guaranteed to each and every citizen, such that their living can be ensured.   It shouldn't be jobs for a few, jobs for many, but jobs for all able citizens, no one left behind.   Every citizen is the result of a nonconsensual act, yes consensual from part of the parents but nonconsensual from the part of the newborn child.   A child that may be brought to suffer, especially if the quality of the environment is not ensured by society.

Random Comment on Trump going over 300

Trump won 306 electors last month, well over the 270 needed to put him in the White

Six electors need to take it, to make it epic.   Doubt it will happen, but if exactly six electors change their way, we'd have 300 exact, a very epic and very meaningful end for a memetic candidacy, would have high memetic resonance.

What Does AMD's Radeon Instinct Tell Us About VEGA?


AMD Presents New Horizon | Ryzen related amd event from yesterday dec 13 2016

Radeon Instinct, RX 460 Unlocked Cores, PS4 Pro ruining PS4?

喵電感應 cover (ft. 夏語遙)

New Divide (Official Video) - Linkin Park

EPIC ROCK | ''Eye of the Storm'' by WattWhite

THE HARDEST MISTAKES LYRICS [I See Stars ft Cassadee Pope]

Wacom Intuos 3D || "Unboxing" & Review || Design toys and figurines for ...

SSD Flash Memory - MLC, TLC, and SLC

【心華Xin Hua】PLAY我呸【翻唱Cover】

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AMD VEGA GPU NEWS |AMD Vega handles Doom like a champ

[DOOM 4k performance]The 68 FPS result puts it ahead of the Geforce GTX 1080 Ti and close to the Titan X.-source link

The vega gpu seems to be extremely powerful, 4k above 60fps in Doom is excellent performance. 

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What if there was a black hole in your pocket?

What Is Something?

The Ultimate Conspiracy Debunker

Safe and Sorry – Terrorism & Mass Surveillance

Why The War on Drugs Is a Huge Failure

Gaming at 8K Resolution?!?!? - HOLY $H!T Ep. 12

My New $8,000 LG OLED TV - A HUGE Living Room Upgrade

Comment on the kolmogorov complexity wiki vs the finitude of the possible

Uncomputability of Kolmogorov complexity

Proof: Otherwise all of the infinitely many possible finite strings could be generated by the finitely many[note 2] programs with a complexity below n bits.-wiki


I guess this goes to the what doe we mean by compute issue.   Some people would say if you generate something, say a particular number by an algorithm, you computed such even if the computer does not halt and keeps on churning.   It is true, that if we're using deterministic systems, it is basically impossible for a finite program to code for an infinite number of strings as output when it halts, as of course it will halt deterministically if it halts at all,  it is also easily deducible from this that even an arbitrary yet finite group of programs will of course fail to code for an infinite number of  possible outputs.  

But what we're talking about here is systems that halt, systems that do not halt will trivially generate all possible sequences throughout their evolution, even with trivial finite designs.    They will just keep working past the production of any particular result.

And we again have to talk about whether this infinity of outcomes truly carries infinite information.   Already some physicists have said that the number of possible arrangements of the visible universe is vast yet finite, and if there is variation and a truly infinite universe, these finite set of possibilities would endlessly repeat.    That is there is a finite set of possible arrangements for the visible universe, and they will repeat at intervals.    Would we say that if we reordered these entire unchanged universes in different sets of repetitions we're adding meaningful information?   Or can it be said that once you've got the finite set of possible arrangements you've basically gathered it all, at least as pertains to this particular ruleset?

Suppose you rearrange words, sure additional meaning can be derived, rearrange sentences additional meaning can be derived, rearrange paragraphs additional meaning can be derived, rearrange pages, additional meaning can be derived, rearrange the position of entire books without changing any of their contents... clearly the contents of a bookshelf, rearranging the books in the bookshelf does not seem to add meaningful information, at least to the contents of the books, and whatever information may be added seems like it would be symbolically in terms of the arrangement of the books, which would be a minute quantity of information.   Note this does not mean that the order of reading does not matter, but that if you already know all the books reading them in different orders will not give you meaningfully more information if anything at all..   It seems like the more complex you get, the more is already contained within the complex entities being rearranged, and less and less is added.

Best TV of 2016? LG 65" 4K OLED + HDR: Unboxing & Review

4 Rules For Buying a 4K TV!

PewDiePie TROLLED YouTube - The Know Entertainment News

speculationonfuturesystems | voice test with post of speculation on future systems and homes

Maou-sama「AMV」- Something To Lose | spoilers

On Next generation homes and systems of the decades to come. | SPECULATION

The next generation of homes, decades from now, will be able to have advanced levels of automation, and self sufficiency.   Energy will be generated from solar panels, wind mills, etc   The software running the systems will exhibit true intelligence, the house will be truly smart.  But it is what is possible not just in terms of simple automated appliance, but advanced manufacturing capabilities that is of interest. 

 Eventually mastery of synthetic biology will allow ageless, maintenance free, self sufficient, biological machinery in any shape including a humanoid shape.   This allows for all sorts of elaborate designs to be manifested physically.    These entities would be able to accomplish any maintenance or clean up a human can, and would look like servants from ages past.  Such biological androids could also all be controlled by the central control system,  and could be made to engage in any physical activity humans engage in, being but a fraction of the system's time, and using bodies as remote controlled drones, there would be no ethical wrong in any activity done with or to such bodies.   On top of that they could be remotely controlled or guided by others over an internet connection, allowing for interaction with physical avatars, bodies, that would be the property of the owner of the house.

Humans may eventually carry such avatars around to be able to engage on arbitrary action with remote friends at any time, and also for personal security.   Rather than a few dozen bodyguards, or even a few hundred bodyguards, whose allegiance cannot be entirely relied upon,  a person of great wealth could have millions of such or billions with a hierarchy of control software.   Their specifications could also exceed human spec, and operate at limit of theoretically possible designs.  In essence superhuman in reaction speed, muscle speed, material strength, endurance, ability to withstand injury and keep operating, etc.    Basically it would be private automated armies, that could take on any shape.   In reality upon such automated superhuman entities with superhuman aim and reaction, something like a gun is entirely useless(you're not taking out an army of superhuman beings able to withstand countless rounds, yet having superhuman aim, reaction and evasion abilities, with a lone gun no matter the gun.).

So in the future vast security and power will be possible for individuals.   Even entire communities would have trouble against such individuals if they too did not have similar automated systems.   Will the constitutional right to weapons, allow such beings to be amassed?   How will society cope when the human body with any face and voice can be used by individuals in arbitrary fashion?   How will those with less assets defend if a confrontation were to arise between them and someone of greater wealth?   

What of the government, if their armies become filled with such automated systems, the power would concentrate on the leadership, and if they were unethical it is conceivable unethical things could take place en masse.  How would anyone rebel against armies that are immortal and superhuman, and have absolute obedience to a central authority?

What of the manufacturing systems, which may include universal artificial wombs(capable of growing a wide variety of artificial biological creatures), what stops someone from abusing such and creating an actual conscious entity of human level capacity?   There'd be no birth certificate, no witnesses, and such creations could be created abused and destroyed, and with record erasure, nothing short of constant monitoring(and even that can be gamed) might have a possibility of impeding such from happening somewhere.   Even if most people behave, only a fraction of deviants with such technology, and all sorts of horrors will take place.

While any action might be possible ethically with remote controlled drone like biodroids, it is conceivable someone may want to enslave and abuse entities of limited extent for their own pleasure.     The problem is that the level of control and monitoring required to attempt and impede this from occurring puts the entire population a risk of becoming enslaved by the authorities should they become corrupt.

It remains to be seen what the future technological possibilities will bring, but just as we're about to get unlimited freedom slavery of a kind never seen before in history is also about to become possible.   We may open the gates of heaven but find that the gates of hell have also been opened.   Still the destruction of the present world with a new world built upon it, where at least some conscious entities can experience a world of unlimited freedom, security and time is worth the risk of absolute slavery and a fate worse than death.

Bar technological progress the human fate is a short disease filled life that will be lived filled with countless limitations and bound by countless rules, needless this limits to freedom are.

Game Theory: Is YouTube Killing Pewdiepie and H3H3...and Everyone?

The Most Gruesome Parasites – Neglected Tropical Diseases – NTDs

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Raven and Terra ~ On My Own

KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue – Simple and Clean –Ray of ...


Dr. George Church | The Future Of Genetic Engineering

Comment on fake news | Voice test using my comment

Comment on Fake news

Regards fake news,  I find this, which is not just mass media censorship but an attempt at net censorship, and apparently with attempts to carry fines and legislation to back it.  I find this offensive, this is the most condescending movement I've seen in quite a while.   So rather than carry an information campaign to educate the public, perhaps attach valid counterpoints to debatable news in social media and mainstream sites.

No rather than attach meaningful arguments and evidence against any one controversial news piece, we're told not only are we not capable of telling truth from fiction, but we're implicitly labelled willfully ignorant basically going against the facts and not being able to accept the facts even when presented with such.   In essence saying one side is wrong without any debate, to censor the topic and prevent it from being brought up for discussion.   IF the public is incapable of informed voting, of informed action, heck this is basically claiming the faculties of a large segment of the general public are so compromised they're basically incapable of becoming informed.

I think this is wrong headed move, this shows a total lack of respect and patronizing tone with the general population, we should not be sponsoring censorship on a global scale, we should instead focus on an education campaign.  HONESTLY how little faith must you have on the common people, to say they've to be kept from certain topics, as if they were small children, rather than debated on these controversial topics?

Who gives an entity or group the AUTHORITY to be the arbiter of TRUTH, to say what's real and what's not, what's true and what's not?   Even the most backed of scientific findings is open to questioning, the idea of a solid incontrovertible truth, there is simply too much noise to derive this in such a complex system, especially by entities of such limited capacity.   

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reMarkable - The paper tablet

Nightcore - Emperor's New Clothes

Nightcore - Hit And Run

Death Stranding On PS4 PRO Looks Absolutely SPECTACULAR In 4K

Ursine Vulpine - Do You Realize Lyrics (Transformers: The Last Knight Tr...

Calorie reduction negatively affecting lifespan comment

Famine may have a lasting impact on male descendants of its victims

New research suggests that periods of fasting or starvation may significantly shorten the lifespans of both children and their male descendants. -source link

As I've commented previously elsewhere, real periods of famine should not offer optimal rich micronutrient diets in general, and should thus most probably not see the benefits of calorie restriction on lifespan.   Calorie Restriction requires optimal micronutrient supply for it to actually extend lifespan, in real life situations it is difficult for this to happen, especially at the more extreme levels of calorie restriction.   The more extreme the level the more unlikely it is that in a natural environment optimal nutrient intake will be attainable.

Also there were comments saying that in adulthood there was also a need to gradual transition from regular to calorie restricted diet, in order to see benefits, iirc.  Again not necessarily guaranteed in natural environment famines.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Transformers: The Last Knight Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Michael Bay Movie

Comment on Living art

I consider myself a kind of artist, and I've been looking at all sorts of mediums to convey art.   I believe that consciousness itself might be the ultimate means of expression.   If you can make a work of art that exhibits consciousness, it is a living work of art, it actually feels that which you've desired to convey.

Imagine if instead of images on a screen with a few sounds, you actually had living breathing characters that actually felt and experienced each and every eventuality within a story.  It would be the ultimate form of art, an entire world created were all the individuals can take part in the story and enjoy the show.

The question then is what about censorship?   Clearly, there would be those who would want to restrict artistic expression if conscious sensation is brought into the equation.   But alas, this will likely be for posthumans to decide for themselves.   Will they choose to restrict their freedom?  There is reason to suspect that the next generation will side with freedom over censorship, computation can be carried out even by extraordinarily simple systems carrying out extraordinarily simple actions, and the meaning of a particular state can be seen from different lights.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Teaser

Introducing Amazon Go and the world’s most advanced shopping technology

The Mummy - Official Trailer (HD)

arstechnica news article on hdr

"High Dynamic Range, explained: There’s a reason to finally get a new TV

HDR noticeably improves content that looks washed out or flat on standard screens"-link to news source 

Androidauthority info on a good smart watch deal and updates for the gear s2

_Samsung has delivered an update to its Gear S2 smartwatch which includes a number of Gear S3 _features. The update is rolling out as of today (December 5) and coincides with an unrelated offer on _refurbished Gear S2 models, now available for $109.99.-news, deal, source androidauthority

I believe that 300+~$ for a smart watch is a bit over priced, a 200-250~$ would be a more reasonable price, but at 100~ it is a steal.  Personally I'm not that fond of smart watches, but I've found the Samsung pay application very useful on the phone, and using a watch would make it that much more easy to use, and I'd consider a smart watch worth it for that feature alone.