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automated cell cultures

Letting a robotic system do your cell culturing can pay off in more ways than just sparing you carpal tunnel. If you have to produce a large number of cells for high-throughput cell-based assays, it can free up hours of time, depending on how many people in your lab do manual cell culture. “If each person in your group has more than two or three cell types to culture, or if you have to feed [or replace the media on] cells frequently, especially on weekends, you should look into automation,”-source link

Machinery to automate the process of growing and maintaining cell cultures can ease the work of biologist, and make time for more research.


STENTRODE neural interface

Super Solar Cells

Cell fusion

When human and mouse cells (or cells of any two mammalian species or of the same species) are mixed, spontaneous cell fusion occurs at a very low rate (10-6). Cell fusion is enhanced 100 to 1000 times by the addition of ultraviolet inactivated Sendai (parainfluenza) virus or polyethylene glycol (PEG).
These agents adhere to the plasma membranes of cells and alter their properties in such a way that facilitates their fusion. Fusion of two cells produces a heterokaryon, i.e., a single hybrid cell with two nuclei, one from each of the cells entering fusion. Subsequently, the two nuclei also fuse to yield a hybrid cell with a single nucleus.-wiki article on cell fusion

An article on cell fusion.

Comment on riskier more invasive research in neuroscience research in humans

My opinion regarding higher risk more invasive research is that the individual should have the freedom to participate in such research.   I also believe that if proper compensation is provided there really is nothing wrong with this.   There are people who freeze or starve to death on the streets or are denied vital medical care and die a s a result.   Wouldn't it be better for these people to be properly compensated and have a chance at a decent life rather then be left to a painful lonely death?

Advancing the rate of progress in our knowledge of the workings of the mind has the potential to accelerate the science of mind design.   A science that could revolutionize all fields greatly accelerating progress and saving countless millions of lives.

By not undertaking research that could accelerate progress we potentially delay progress, and delays of progress come at  the cost of human lives.

Also I believe in freedom, and there are MANY people who would be willing to volunteer for far riskier research if proper compensation was provided.  Perhaps they're highly in debt, perhaps their children have a fatal disease in need of funds for healthcare they're not getting, perhaps they just want easy money, perhaps they themselves have a terminal disease and would like to contribute to science.   Say several million dollars was provided as compensation, what would be the problem with them participating in risky research assuming guarantees were in place to take care of them if something went wrong with the research procedure.

Also take for example death row inmates, the death penalty should be removed, but if you're going to unjustly kill these people might as well allow them to contribute to science if that is what they want, and compensate their family or whatever charity or entity they chose.

This limitation on individual liberty, individual freedom, it is wrong, and it is more wrong, more unethical than a lot of the risky research that could be carried out and has been labelled unethical.

Thread on useful android apps over at neogaf from a little while ago

A neogaf thread where several useful apps for android were recommended.


Highlights such as google rewards and solid file explorer are very good apps.

Time-Honored Craftsmanship, Smart Customization - ZenWatch3 | ASUS

The Intelligence Explosion

repost The Mysterious Stranger - from the Adventures of Mark Twain - claymatio...

The Secret Dirty War to Stop Solar Power

Apparent corruption from those leading the corporate and government bodies.  Seemingly unfit to lead.

Samsung Transparent OLED Display - Abt CES 2016

Life at the Speed of Light: From the Double Helix to the Dawn of Digital...

Comment on Craig Venter's comment on AI within the video:   The delicacy of computer programs, is a valid criticism .  But it is not like biology itself is entirely immune from errors that effectively crash or kill the organism.   There are lethal mutations that impede viability, and even viable organisms once grown can still accumulate errors and develop cancer resulting in death.   Cancer immunity and anticancer mechanisms keep lethality of error accumulation at bay, similarly software can be made to tolerate and recuperate from errors that would otherwise be fatal, within a stably coded simulation the elements within can follow rules allowing for arbitrary evolution.

So all in all I would say that while computer code tends to be a bit more delicate and less error tolerant than biological systems, that need not necessarily be the case, and systems can be made that are far more robust and able to handle the eventualilty of errors,  programs such as genetic algorithms show that evolutionary like change is possible, which is what I think was being implied might not be possible due to the delicate nature of the system.

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NOVA The Great Math Mystery PBS

Through The Wormhole S03E10 Did We İnvent God

Interesting article on interesting research Turing learning

"An exciting new study from the University of Sheffield and published in the journalSwarm Intelligence has demonstrated (free pre-print version) a method of allowing computers to make sense of complex patterns all on their own, an ability that could open the door to some of the most advanced and speculative applications of artificial intelligence. Using an all-new technique called Turing Learning, the team managed to get an artificial intelligence to watch movements within a swarm of simple robots and figure out the rules that govern their behavior. It was not told to look for any particular signifier of swarm behavior, but simply to try to emulate the source more and more accurately and to learn from the results of that process. It’s a simple system that the researchers think could be applied everywhere from human and animal behavior to biochemical analysis to personal security."-source link extremetech

An interesting article on an interesting research

Interesting ted video on algorithms and their effects on our world

Video on physical structure underlying the workings of the internet

The World's Largest 3D Printed Object (U.S. Department of Energy)

You Can't Escape

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Possible alien life signal found

-SETI has observed a “strong” signal that may originate from a Sun-like star...

It remains only the barest of probabilities that astronomers have just found evidence of extraterrestrial, intelligent life. Nevertheless, in the community of astronomers and other scientists who use radio telescopes to search the heavens for beacons of life there is considerable excitement about a new signal observed by a facility in Russia.-arstechnica source

cool free software


Excellent procedural generation using software for free.

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repost? Buckypaper: Unlocking the power of nanotechnology

Korn - Evolution

Fermi Paradox Solutions

Comment: I like 4G Ascension

It is said the ultimate possible computer might be a blackhole. The issues that exist with blackholes are blackhole evaporation, and whether blackhole computation can be meaningfully used without external systems interacting with it. Even if blackhole evaporation couldn't somehow be dealt with, a suitably large enough blackhole would last a very very long time so that might not be a significant issue. Whether a blackhole can be used in a computational sense without devices externally interacting with it is agood question. But if a civilization can effectively miniaturize computation to the max and actually live as simulated entities within a blackhole, this might be the ultimate level. Perhaps turning into a blackhole and sending it in motion towards the center of the galaxy increasing its mass and converging with other blackhole class civilzations.

 “Maybe in a highly advanced civilisation, physicists could create a black hole that didn’t evaporate,” he told New Scientist. “It would be exquisitely difficult, but mathematically you can do it.”-source new scientist

Ah, interesting. let's hope it is indeed possible.  If it is possible and if it is possible to ensure a blackhole performs the useful desired computations, then you've effectively found a way for immortality, true immortality.

Was disappointed with heat death and the showing that time crystals might be unviable, but this may potentially be a way towards man's dream, the final conquest of death

The earth might or might not be hit by mini blackholes about every 1000 years, as they're one of the hypothetical possible dark matter candidates.    The idea of containing blackholes has been suggested, perhaps using opposite charge to contain black holes carrying charge.   Don't know how feasible it is, given that if these exist they'd be relatively fast, but there may be someway to slow and capture such black holes, speculatively speaking.

It is said that a micro blackhole would take countless billions of years to assimilate the earth, so even if containment of such was compromised it wouldn't apparently be a significant hazard.    The frequency of black hole collisions is in part informed by the idea of evaporation of even smaller black holes, but even though difficult, if  it is indeed true that black holes can be made eternal, perhaps the initial conditions might have allowed for a decent number to form naturally.  

Given smaller size they should be easier to contain, if they do exist, and easier to stop if it is at all possible, assuming eternal black holes can have or be given charge.

If,  and this is wild speculation, if the rate of micro black holes hitting the earth(as a result of potentially eternal micro holes occurring) was higher, say once per decade, year, day, etc.    If that was so and they could be captured they might prove useful.

Though some say eternal black hole papers tend to have errors, and be wrong.  So all this would depend on several things being just so(decent hit rate, eternal, stoppable, etc).

cool tech [2016]Dexmo: An exoskeleton for you to touch the digital world

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Rewriting DNA: Big Returns from Gene Editing

There is more to dendrites than meets the eye: cluster synaptic inputs a...

Visualization of newly formed synapses with unprecedented resolution

Antiaging comment

A mouse's neurons, when transplanted to an animal with twice the lifespan, lives twice as long only limited by its new host lifespan. The genetic repair and maintenance genes that allow single mouse cells to live twice as long as mice themselves live are present in virtually each and every mouse cell. The difference is one of gene expression, but the mechanisms lie dormant in every cell waiting for a drug or drug combination to unlock their potential.

Even in humans some humans have lived 50+~% longer than average, their neurons with them from birth and mostly identical to the rest of the human population. That same potential to live at least 50+% longer is present in each and every human cell from the entire species. If we go by the neuron transplant, a human neuron might last over two centuries in a longer lived host, and some have speculated that neurons are ageless but succumb to disease due to aging of the supporting glial and vascular cells.

In insects of the same species up to 10 fold difference in lifespan is observed, again between members of the same species. All due to gene expression differences, the same happens within a body at a cellular level, some cells lasting months while others last over 120+years(and could probably last longer if not for host death)

Once again a drug or drug combo could unlock these repair and maintenance mechanisms in the rest of the cells of the body.-source

Can You 3D Print Organs? - Brit Lab

Reprogramming of Differentiated Cells into Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

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LG"s 1mm Wallpaper Mount OLED Tv

LG OLED TV rolls up like a piece of paper

Comment on free will

thats because they dont want to allow for free will.
Free will cannot exist, for it to truly exist it would need an indivisible agent able to make decisions. Indivisible agents might very well be incoherent concepts. The very moment the agent becomes divisible, it opens the door to internal causation. To be truly free you need to be free not just from external causes but from internal causes as well. If a mindless component is the origin or start of a causal chain that lead to your action, it wasn't truly yours. You need to be componentless to be able to be free, and as said that might not be coherent.
A mechanical clock even if it was freed from external influence, well it wouldn't be free, it's hands move as a result of internal components interacting and producing the motion. Random or deterministic, even if you entailed the illogical possibility of neither random nor determined, so long as you're composed of mindless components whose interactions determine your actions, so long as that is true you're not free.-source link

Protein intake news, nutrition news

Consuming 40 grams of protein after exercise was more effective at stimulating muscle growth than 20 grams. This increase occurred irrespective of the size of the participants.
Professor Tipton continued: "Until now the consensus among leading sports nutritionists, including the American College of Sports Medicine and the British Nutrition Foundation, is that weightlifters do not need more than around 25 grams of protein after exercise to maximally stimulate the muscle's ability to grow....
"In order for nutritionists to recommend the correct amount of protein we first need to consider specific demands of the workout, regardless of athletes' size. This throws commonly held recommendations into question and suggests the amount of protein our muscles need after exercise may be dependent on the type of workout performed. These results are limited to younger, trained men so we may see different results with other groups, such as older individuals or females digesting different amounts of protein."
-sciencedaily source link

Interesting news regarding nutrition.  It appears required protein intake depends on workout not overall size of athlete, also it seems that more 30g of protein can aid muscle growth and recovery.   Previous research suggested no more than 30g could be used for muscle synthesis per meal immediately after exercise, iirc, it seems that perhaps if both findings are true some other mechanism is at play facilitating even more long term growth at higher doses.

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nice vid over at the ngn channel EXCLUSIVE Tekken 7 4K PC Gameplay - on GeForce GTX 1080!


Possibility of synthetic biological neural chips

If you look at a human, the amount of non nervous supporting tissue volume is vast, but this is not the case for all animals.  Some animals have vast nervous system volume with seemingly minimal supporting tissue volume.

"We discovered that the central nervous systems of the smallest spiders fill up almost 80 percent of their total body cavity, including about 25 percent of their legs."- sciencedaily news article

In theory such neural tissue could be hypothetically adapted to work in an artificial biochip, as it requires very little  volume of supporting tissue.   It would be an engineering challenge.  But one can imagine an interweaving of the minute support organ systems creating a large sheet of neural tissue. With some spacing and oxygenation and nutrient systems even volumetric systems are possible. 

 One of the problems observed in nature, including the human brain,  is that as neural communication length grows, natural systems change from analog neural transmission to digital action potential transmission which is less energy efficient, also long range transmission even with myelination is relatively slow.  But an artificial synthetic biology neural chip could make use of optimal optical interconnects that transmit at the speed of light between sections of the chip.

Insects depending on species can go for days without water or food, some can even withstand prolonged oxygen deprivation for tens of hours.   If metabolic suspension capabilities are brought into the equation the systems can hypothetically last for decades without food, water or oxygen.   So these are very resilient chips if designed appropriately.  Not fickle(On a side note: I'm not very fond of petri dishes, and growing things with special finicky settings, growth media, etc, I prefer full multicellular support structures that allow for biological cells to basically sit right there out on the open environment at room temperature and with minimal maintenance.)

Eventually a self contained gas exchange, and nutrient recycling with electric energy conversion(electrical to chemical to carry out recycling and power the molecular machinery) could make the entire computing system fully enclosed needing neither external water nor external food nor external oxygen.

Once the genetic regulation that regulates connectivity and learning is optimized such a system could be used for arbitrary applications.   In the unlikely event that it is true as some neuroscientists, seem to imply, that even a single biological neuron is basically supercomputer level maybe even as some hypothesize able to do quantum computations(very unlikely), well a biochip with billions of said neurons would vastly out compete any digital computer, if any of the implied performance hypotheses are true.   Even if the performance hypotheses aren't true, the energy efficiency durability and performance of such systems would be excellent.

Another thread on objectification

Originally Posted by DoomGaze, from neogaf
"If you don't like something don't buy it.

But you can't prevent others from liking it, and you can't prevent people from making it.

The end."-link neogaf

Objectification, sexualization, etc.   There's nothing wrong with it.   Physical traits and even agent like behavior is possible by nonconscious entities, objects, and these fictional characters can be designed to appeal to whatever audience is desired.   When a human portrays another human, even the entire human species badly, it is accepted as valid literature, art, etc.   Now if another species was found and suddenly decided to portray humans in a bad light, an objectified way, etc.   Well, some people might start trying to bring the label of speciesist.   Here's the thing people think that because they belong to a particular gender, a particular race, etc.  All the physical characteristics of that race or gender belond to them, they've appropriated them, they've a special say and exclusive privileges over these physical characteristics, but this is nothing more than a shared delusion with no objective reality.  

 Well nope, that is it is a subjective opinion and is not objectively true, in reality those traits are part of the public domain, free for anyone to do as they choose.   It is conceivable that just like humans design countless fictional creatures, another species designed some form of fictional creature in the form of human even without ever seeing humans.   The human form exists as a possible 3d form, just like a square or a circle, no one owns the design of the circle or the square, these are basic forms the human form also exist in this abstract space and is just another possible form.

Physical traits /= the person nor group.   Physical traits are nothing more than physical traits, and you don't have exclusive say in how they're used, doesn't matter if you share them.  If someone wants to make an objectified fictional character, or a badly portrayed character, and it has traits from one particular age group, gender, race, etc.  Well they're free to do that, and they should be free to do that, that is freedom of expression.   In the end those of a particular age, species, race, gender, etc they have no exclusive rights over the commonly shared physical traits they possess, these traits are abstract possible traits, they would exist even had these groups not been born on this planet and will exist long after the pertinent groups are gone.

quotes from another article on human animal chimeras and possibility for unlimited compatible organs avaialble for transplantation

-By modifying genes, scientists can now easily change the DNA in pig or sheep embryos so that they are genetically incapable of forming a specific tissue. Then, by adding stem cells from a person, they hope the human cells will take over the job of forming the missing organ, which could then be harvested from the animal for use in a transplant operation....

 “We can make an animal without a heart. We have engineered pigs that lack skeletal muscles and blood vessels,” says Daniel Garry, a cardiologist who leads a chimera project at the University of Minnesota...

One reason is that if his iPS cells develop inside an animal, the resulting tissue will actually be his, a kind of perfectly matched replacement part. Desperately ill people on organ waiting lists might someday order a chimera and wait less than a year for their own custom organ to be ready. “I really don’t see much risk to society,” he says..-source technologyreview

Interesting snippet from another article on human animal chimera research.   A possible near term solution to the problem of organ transplants. 

Very very interesting things could be done with chimeras, I see a lot of potential.   You can eventually not only design these to be compatible with humans but you can use these to research the function and effects of genetically modified superorgans.    Given that rat mouse organ chimeras have already taken place, it would be interesting to see if replacing one of a few organs with the longer lived version organs have any significant effect on lifespan. 

Another possibility is that if the mother animals are suitably modified they might even be able to function as living artificial wombs.    Accelerating the arrival of artificial womb technologies.  Artificial wombs would when combined with a few other techs allow for same sex couples to have children irregardless of their biological sex and it would also help enable single individuals to reproduce, and would free women from having to carry the delicate baby around for 9 months everywhere they go.

Dna Hybrids and Chimeras, high speed possible solution to organ transplant needs.

 "But by the end of the year, eGenesis -- another company eyeing pigs for xenotransplantation and founded by the infamous engineered-biology scientist George Church -- announced it had successfully modified 62 genes in pig embryos using CRISPR tools. Progress happens at light speed in this field.
Overnight advances in gene editing have had other effects. The NIH recently announced it will lift a moratorium on providing federal funding for research involving humanized animal embryos, which many expect to result in an explosion of research."-source link
 While genetically altering animal cells to be more compatible with humans is promising, the idea of humanizing embryos, especially if it involves using chimera research, aka mixing human and animal cells is even more promising imho.  You would most likely need to deal with the immune system, perhaps focusing genetic modification on the basis of cellular immunity to generate tolerance without compromising immune function. 
Already single cells have successfully been transplanted between species and lived as long as the new host.   And human animal chimera research is still undergoing
"They believe the animals, which if they had been carried to term would have developed a human internal organ, but would have looked and behaved like any other pig. The goal is that in the future, similar animals could potentially act as a ready source of organs for life-saving transplants.

To create the “chimeric” embryos, the scientists used a gene-editing technique known as Crispr to knock out a section of the pig’s DNA necessary for the embryo to develop a pancreas. 

Human induced pluripotent (iPS) stem cells were then injected into the pig embryo. These are cells that have the potential to develop into any tissue type in the resulting foetus. Although genetically foreign, they are not rejected by the pig embryo because its immune system has not yet developed."-source guardian

3d printing is probaby many many years probably decades away, human cloning is a no go, as even if you could develop brainless human clones the idea might be repulsive to most.   But seeing as animal suffering goes unnoticed at large, at least taking the lives of these animals can eventually be used to save lives rather than just providing pleasurable rack of ribs.  Hypothetically you could take stem cells from a patient, and transplant them into a suitably modified animal embryo, creating a custom made chimera with the specific organ or organs that the patient needs.   Being genetically identical to the patient there should be no need for immune suspression nor chance of rejection.   

While the article makes comments on possible pig brains being compromised by human stem cells, this can be avoided by the fact that not all genes expressed in the brain are expressed in every single organ.   If genes exclusively expressed by central nervous system cells but not by the desired organs are genetically knocked out, then no viable neural tissue can develop even if the stem cells contaminate the pig's central nervous system.  Organs that have some small amount of regulatory neural tissue, might or might not be too severely affected, and if they were viable solutions are likely possible.

As to vascular tissue, it could be made fully human, but we'd have to see what level of humanization is possible before complications arise with the mother animal's immune system, issues that might be resolved by interfering with such immune system.   Hypothetically so long as human neurons are not being created in the brain, the chimera can have the rest of the body human, assuming immune issues and other compatibility issues are taken care off, there'd be no ethical problems.  No ethical problems besides the killing of animals to harvest tissues, but that's no different than the ethical problem of killing animals to harvest their meat, an ethical problem to which many do not seem too concern themselves too much about.

Face biometric securing with most sensors not safe, cybersecurity news

"Hackers Trick Facial-Recognition Logins With Photos From Facebook (What Else?)...
 Their attack, which successfully spoofed four of the five systems they tried, is a reminder of the downside to authenticating your identity with biometrics. By and large your bodily features remain constant, so if your biometric data is compromised or publicly available, it’s at risk of being recorded and exploited. Faces plastered across the web on social media are especially vulnerable—look no further than the wealth of facial biometric data literally called Facebook."-source wired

It seems simple single factor biometrics could be tricked in the case of faces, and as seen previously probably fingerprints too.  Multifactor authentication is a must.

interesting article regarding google earth pro over at digital trends

"GOOGLE EARTH PRO USED TO COST $400 A YEAR — HERE’S HOW TO GET IT FOR FREE"-source link digital trends

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SproutsIO: Moving the suburban garden to the city | WIRED 2014 | WIRED

Controversy of Intelligence: Crash Course Psychology #23

cool vid from a cool channel Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever – CRISPR

What's The Best Streaming Device?

Cool streaming tech comparison vid from the end of last year.

Battery Powered Homes

Shatter Me Featuring Lzzy Hale - Lindsey Stirling

Vortex .Bladeless Wind Generator.

"One of the main advantages of VORTEX is its dramatic low cost - it will produce energy at a 40% lower cost than a comparable wind installation....

Of course, it won’t be immune to fatigue. The wind can cause twisting and displacement of the structure, primarily in the elastic rod, especially in the lower section that has to withstand greater forces. However, studies carried out by the company confirm that, the stress on the rod is far from the  working limit of the materials, i.e. carbon fiber. Computational modeling estimates operational lifetime of the installation to be between 32 and 96 years ."-vortex indiegogo from a while back source link

Very interesting product, don't know if the physics and costs will live up to the hype, but several high profile publications/sites seem to have covered the product, and presumably not found it wanting.  If it does live up to the hype this is going to be a very exciting tech in the near future, as it seems some of the higher capacity designs might come by 2017. 

Windspire Wind Turbine by Windspire Energy (Full Version)

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Trinity portable wind turbine


"Icelandic brothers suspected of raising 350,000 USD in fraudulent Kickstarter campaigns...The brothers deny all wrongdoing, and deny any knowledge of an investigation into their campaigns."-source link

Let's hope it's a misunderstanding, but it might or might not be.   The tech seemed very nice.

Original post:

Numb (Official Video) - Linkin Park

How Orison Energy Storage Works

Meet Orison

Cool plug and play no hassle upcoming battery tech, very useful especially for easing renewable diy deployment.

cool tech video: USB 3.1 & Type C - It's finally here!

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Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter v2 Review - New 2016 Version - Windo...

Another post on cool miracast tech

"Miracast, as we mentioned earlier, is just like a wireless HDMI cable. Without the hassle of using a cable to connect two devices, Miracast can take whatever you see on one device and duplicate that in real-time on another display in high definition and with audio. It also does this without relying on your home's Wi-Fi network."--source link pocketlint article on miracast

While many new and even not too old tvs support miracast, there's dongles for monitors and displays that do not support it or do not support it too good.  The article above mentions some of the dongles.   The microsoft one seems pretty good and for a good price.

Plex: Beautiful, simple access to all your media!

Roku Streaming Stick (2016) Review

COOL old youtube vid MTBS-TV, Nvidia Talks About 3DTV Play

3D in CSGO gives you wallhacks

miracast example LG Smart TV : SmartShare Miracast MHL

cool wireless connection tech available on many devices| Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™ Demo at 2013 CES

cool Review at Soldier knows best channel: Razer Deathstalker Ultimate Gaming Keyboard

Cibersecurity news article

"How the NSA snooped on encrypted Internet traffic for a decade

Exploit against Cisco's PIX line of firewalls remotely extracted crypto keys."-source link arstechnica.



Weakness in Cisco firewall tech apparently allowed spying on lots of people for a long time, the hardware in question is still in use.  More info at source link 



That's the thing with the possibility of AGI running faster than realtime, depending on how fast it can go, virtually all the obviously existing weaknesses of systems all around the world will become easily known in short order opening access to virtually all networks.   Say at a million fold speed up, a single year is a million subjective years, a community of agi agents with a million subjective years within a realtime year would be able to analyze even raw machine code and understand it and its weaknesses, the obvious defects that are being constantly patched, well virtually all of them from virtually all the relevant software of the world would become easily known for such a community of agi agents.

In terms of cyberwarfare, an accelerated agi community guarantees absolute victory in the battlefield.

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Buckypaper: Unlocking the power of nanotechnology

Google Chromecast (2nd Generation): Unboxing & Review

Link to nice article on connecting phones to tvs

"How to connect Android to TV: How to view your phone or tablet screen on a TV

Connecting your Android phone or tablet to your TV is great for sharing photos or watching videos on a bigger screen with better sound. It's not straightforward though, with jargon such as MHL and Slimport, Miracast and more making it hard to know which cable or wireless adaptor to buy. Here we explain everything you need to know to connect Android to TV."-source pcadvisor link

By connecting the powerful phones to a tv you can enjoy content on a large screen with a low energy consumption device.

Do lab mice hold the key to eternal youth? Kati Couric interviews Dr Dav...

Niagen - What You Need to Know in About 1 Minute

Commercial for a nice brand that has niagen, nicotinamide riboside, available at gnc.

4.1 Prof David Sinclair Cool antiaging research vid

Artificial intelligence will change everything | Ginni Rometty, CEO IBM...

AMD Demo Zen Based Summit Ridge & Show Benchmarks | Architecture Of Zen CPU

A video showing info on amd's new zen cpu tech.

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Coffee associated with longer telomeres

"Coffee Consumption Is Positively Associated with Longer Leukocyte Telomere Length in the Nurses' Health Study.
We found that higher coffee consumption is associated with longer telomeres among female nurses. Future studies are needed to better understand the influence of coffee consumption on telomeres, which may uncover new knowledge of how coffee consumption affects health and longevity."-link

Despite the recent findings that caffeine appears to shorten telomeres, it seems that higher coffee consumption over time is associated with longer telomeres.  So it is likely something in coffee can more than counter the supposed telomere shortening properties of caffeine.   Perhaps decaffito, the naturally caffeine free plant under development may even preserve or even lengthen telomeres a bit with naturally caffeine free coffee.

"As you can tell from the graph, the “sweet spot” for the lowest risk of death seems to be at 4-5 cups per day.

Two other review studies found that 4 cups (12) and 4-5 cups (13) were associated with the lowest risk of dying over the study periods."-source authority nutrition
Also link to article on benefits from authority nutrition, may've been previously posted.

Coffee consumption seems to be associated and possibly result in lowered mortality, lower risk of diabetes, lower risk of dementia, lower risk of some cancers, improved mental function, might help with weight loss, etc.

Excellent drink, just make sure to keep the coffee machine clean so it doesn't develop mold or other stuff.   Easiest to clean seems to be the chemex coffee maker.

While the chemex seems to have some complex coffee preparation videos on youtube, it is likely that simpler procedures can be taken albeit with less stellar coffee flavor.   Still as the simplest to clean as well as beautiful designed I think it's an excellent coffee making device.

cool vid on youtube Batman & Identity: Crash Course Philosophy #18

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cool Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer (Official)

Interesting finding regarding HDL

Commonly touted as "good cholesterol" for helping to reduce risk of stroke and heart attack, both high and low levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol may increase a person's risk of premature death, according to new research. Conversely, intermediate HDL cholesterol levels may increase longevity, according to the research.-source sciencedaily
Will be interesting to see if future studies confirm this.  If true it seems the picture regarding HDL and LDL cholesterol is more complex.

cool tech Grow Greens Automatically In Your Kitchen


cool music - Noemi - When Angels Kiss

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Ninja Coffee Bar Review

cool stuff 5 Coffee Gadgets every coffee lover will go CRAZY for

cool music - Poets of the Fall - The Lie Eternal (Lyrics Video)

cognitive performance enhancer magnesium

"New research finds that an increase in brain magnesium improves learning and memory in young and old rats. The study suggests that increasing magnesium intake may be a valid strategy to enhance cognitive abilities and supports speculation that inadequate levels of magnesium impair cognitive function, leading to faster deterioration of memory in aging humans."-source sciencedaily

 "The Journal of Alzheimer's Disease recently published a study showing exciting news that magnesium-l-threonate increases synapse density, increases cognitive function and lowers brain age by 9 years."-source natural stacks

I'm considering adding magnesium L-threonate to my supplement stack, as it may have memory and cognitive benefits.  Research in animals seems promising and the early research on humans is promising also.

Playstation neo, upgraded ps4.5 like 4k system, likely unveiled in september 7

Over at neogaf they've a thread with a timer for an announced conference were it is highly suspected the ps4 neo will be unveiled.

Neogaf thread link

NBA 2K17 - The Dream Lives On (Cool Graphics)

cool self assembly tech news

"Scientists have just developed a way to direct the self-assembly of multiple molecular patterns within a single material, producing new nanoscale architectures. This is a significant conceptual leap in self-assembly that could change the way we design and manufacture electronics....Through self-assembly, however, these structures can spontaneously form without that exhaustive preliminary patterning. And now, self-assembly can generate multiple distinct patterns-greatly increasing the complexity of nanostructures that can be formed in a single step."-source sciendaily

Self-assembly is a very promising technology that one day my replace current manufacturing methods in some sectors

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Comment on suicide squad

"As other have pointed out, marketing determines the opening weekend. Everything else is film quality and/or positive word-of-mouth. We'll see with SS. I'd enjoy a better sequel."-MHWilliams, neogaf

The problem is likely more effective social media engineering from the other side.  Have enough paid shills and fanboys across the internet promoting one side and blasting the other, and the opinion spreads, consensus forms, and once formed group peer pressure can cause people to support nazism, racism, slavery, torture, misogyny, etc.  most assuredly such pressure can also result in the most simpler phenomena of people having a bad opinion or agreeing to a bad opinion on a good product.

I saw Suicide Squad and it was a very good movie, definitely enjoyed the ride.   It was coherent, funny, and had a bit of a dark side too.    Yet once again as happened with BvS, here we have a horde of fanboys of the other side as well as paid shills trying to paint it as objectively bad, trying to form a consensus that in a social species will pressure many into agreeing with this nonsense. 

As if liking such films is liking mediocre films, that the films of their side are works of arts, but these are average at best.   As if that opinion was objectively so.   So so wrong, for some that accept cookie cutter, by the books, hollywood blockbusters year after year, yet can't see a good film for a good film.

How NOT to Store Passwords! - Computerphile

Friday, August 5, 2016

Update news on probable alien megastructure structure around nearby star

" Further observation of Tabby’s Star yielded no signs of aliens, but the sudden dips in luminosity continue to defy explanation. Now, things just got a bit weirder."-source gizmodo
A link to an updated news article on Tabby's star a star exhibiting strange phenomena that could be the result of advanced alien technology.

Rubik's Spark Demo - Crown & Andrews

Thursday, August 4, 2016

pokemon go news

"Pokémon Go Pisses Players Off Again By Making Pokémon Harder To Catch"-source kotaku

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Available today aug 3 2016 free mobile final fantasy mobius game

interesting fast cold brew coffee machine called prisma on indiegogo

link to youtube vid

Cool samsung pay rewards in us

"With this continuous improvement comes a new feature of Samsung Pay: Samsung's own Rewards card. You can earn it by participating in different promotions — there's one right now for a $20 Rewards card after making your first payment in the US — and it'll show up as a VISA card inside your Pay account."-source androidpolice

cancer news, fasting

-"Fasting-like diet turns the immune system against cancer

A low-calorie fasting-like diet, plus chemotherapy, enables the immune system to recognize and kill skin and breast cancer cells, according to a new USC-led study on mice... 

“It may be that by always being exposed to so much food, we are no longer taking advantage of natural protective systems which allow the body to kill cancer cells,” Longo said. “But by undergoing a fasting-mimicking diet, you are able to let the body use sophisticated mechanisms able to identify and destroy the bad but not good cells in a natural way.”"-source university of southern carolina

Interesting news regarding potential simple additions for a combined therapy that may be more effective.   The study is on animals, so further research on humans is needed, but it seems promising.

Immune cancer therapies on the horizon

"Immune cell therapy inducing complete remission in some cancer patients and improved t-cell therapy could work for most patients
...Now, versions of the therapy for a limited number of blood cancers are nearing approval by federal regulators, and could reach the market as early as next year.
The technique, known as cell therapy, gives each patient an individualized and souped-up version of their own immune system, one that “works better than nature made it,” as Dr. June puts it.... So far, the number of patients treated with cell therapy is in the hundreds, not thousands. And for now it works only for certain types of blood cancers, not common malignancies like breast and lung cancer. Researchers are also still working out how to control potentially lethal side effects."-source nextbigfuture

Cool new cancer therapies on the horizon.

And comment on the article:
There are centenarians who like to eat lots of meat, and like it burnt black, aka full of carcinogens.  They've been eating that all their life.  There are also lifelong two pack a day smoker centenarians, lots of carcinogens in the lung. Obviously after so many decades cancerous cells must have arisen in their bodies.  Yet they're centenarians, which means we can say they probably did develop cancerous cells but survived.  How?  The most likely explanation is an immune system able to fight cancer.

Already it has been seen in some mice that there is a sort of cancer immunity present, able to naturally fight off implants of aggressive cancer cells:

 "Spring 1999. “Professor Cui, this mouse didn’t get cancer. Should I get rid of him?” It was a standard experiment in Zheng Cui’s lab at Wake Forest University, North Carolina: Inject inbred mice with cancer cells, not to study cancer, but to produce antibodies for a lipid experiment. “There must have been a mistake,” said Cui, “Inject him again.” Two weeks later, still no cancer. “Try again with a higher dose!” Still no cancer. No cancer even at a million times the lethal dose. Cui decided to breed the mutant mouse."-source huffington post

  Research in some humans also showed similar immune cells more apt at fighting cancer, indicating that some form of cancer immunity might be present in some humans.

Two interesting snippets from the above huffington post article:
"Cui began to seek funding to test the transfusion theory. He already knew support wouldn’t come easily; blood transfusions are old technology and so can’t be patented. The pharmaceutical industry of course would take no interest. And as Cui found, clinical oncologists resist anything outside the usual treatments, even when they have nothing more to offer their patients."-source huffington post

Again this bad horrible lust for uncontrollable wealth from many in the industry is sad.   Anything that can't make loads of money tends to be ignored, the pathetic thing is that many of the people involved from pharmaceutical CEOs to oncologists are drowning in cash from their large salaries, yet it seems many want more and can ignore promising new therapies if it won't satistify the uncontrollable lust for money.   I mean if you're already wealthy, this quest for more, more, more, well it's like some sort of mental disease especially when it costs human lives by delaying promising treatments.

"The bad news: His wife was diagnosed with stage IV squamous cell carcinoma with massive metastases to all her major organs (lungs, liver, spleen and kidneys) and was given months to live. She had run out of conventional treatment options after partial surgery and chemotherapy. But he planned to take her to China for treatment at his other trial site in March 2013. Two months ago, good news and bad news again. Good news: we met with Cui and his wife. She looked terrific. To the astonishment of her doctors, her condition appears completely stable after 14 months, with no further treatment of any sort. She told us the transfusions gave her a high fever, but no other side effects."-source huffington post

Further reading of the huffington post article shows how promising therapies go unfunded while millions go into pathetic drugs that at most tend to offer only a few more months of life with many side effects.   Cancer is an evolving, an adapting, living disease, to fight such immune therapies seem far more promising.   Given that some people live through decades of high carcinogen consumption, as mentioned above, and again still live symptom, disease, free, obviously the bodies of some are able to handle it, to defeat it.

It's good to see that at least some of those involved in cancer research can get what seems like access to such promising research.

Cool unity engine realtime graphics

Video of Cool realtime graphics on the unity engine found on the unity youtube channel

cool BvS behind the scenes video

A cool behind the scenes video found on HaSanMDD youtube channel

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

coffee benefits

Link to a nice article on the many benefits of moderate coffee consumption

"But like wine, chocolate and popcorn, coffee has joined the ranks of unlikely foods with health benefits. An increasing body of research has found that drinking coffee—even four or more cups per day in some instances—provides health benefits. And a 13-year study of 402,260 AARP members conducted by the National Cancer Institute, which was published May 17 in the "New England Journal of Medicine," concluded that devoted coffee drinkers were associated with a reduced risk of early death by up to 16 percent."-source livestrong

cool looking upcoming razor

Zafirro razor kickstarter, a very good razor but with seven days to go don't know if they'll reach the kickstarter funding goal.   Kickstarter link

Full color 3d printer tech

Video of the RoVa4D Full Color Blender 3D Printer
A cool upcoming 3d printer that's on kickstarter

Review of the devil 480 over at the vortex youtube channel

Just saw a cool 480 devil review vid from the vortex youtube channel

cool data backup tech service

Comment on simulation hypothesis and godlike entities at kurzweilai

Thing is, universal computation emerges from systems implementing extremely simple rules. Equally simple starting state allows such a system to generate all possible programs and simulatable universes. Effectively everything can emerge from extremely simple initial state.
What's to say that general intelligence requires extremely complex end products of millions years of natural selection? It's pretty easy to conceive that general intelligence may emerge from extremely simple set of rules even on simple initial state. If so a godlike entity could easily emerge. This is also ignoring ideas like boltzmann brains which suggest that highly complex objects can actually emerge out of the vacuum fully formed given infinite time and space.
While on the subject of boltzmann brains, it is conceivable that a boltzmann simulation computer could pop out of the vacuum with countless virtual inhabitants or brains in vats if brains have special uncomputable properties.
That said, as a determinist, I believe there is no free will, and all that can be is simply to experience sensations including the sensation of will. Even a being in a godlike state may not actually be able to influence anything. Changing the computations you're performing, may be like changing dvds in a dvd player, you change the movie being played but the characters and events remain unchanged in each individual movie.
A pattern can exist in an infinite number of places, I just don't see how writing down a pattern in a piece of paper or in computer memory, how that changes in any way the pattern or sequence of patterns. Any instance of the pattern seems to be fundamentally changeless and atemporal, independent of any physical copies and changes made to said copies.
That;s the thing with simulations, at least digital simulation rest on patterns. The same exact simulation is probably running in an infinity of places, even if one copy shuts down, it doesn't affect the actual sequence of events. Like a dvd of say terminator 2 being burnt, that doesn't actually destroy the actual characters or story.
What happens if you take a simulation down an unlikely set of paths, say godlike interactions, well that always existed as a possibility. Like the concept of alternate timelines, where the time changes were always there, these interactions were always part of that particular path, and are probably occurring in an infinite number of places. It's like fanfiction of a particular work, it is a possible trajectory.
If digital physics is true, if we've also got determinism and patterns are essentially changeless and atemporal in nature. Then there can be no morality if such is the case, doing something in the real world would be no different from doing it in a virtual world, not only that but there would be no choice just the illusion of choice. And in the end, writing numbers or patterns down, simulating an experience in a computer, would be no different than an interactive movie, all that could be is was and will always be. No matter the actions taken within a digital simulation there would fundamentally not be anything wrong with them, as it'd be simply a transition between pre-existent atemporal patterns not the actual creation of patterns(branching and adding).- source thread