Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Interesting vids

Bill Gates question and answer video A video were Bill Gates is asked some questions by an audience very nice.

 Star trek videos It appears that the star trek site is hosting all the episodes from all the star treks. It can be viewed easily from the United States, for those outside the USA the extension "Media Hint" should allow regional lock bypass

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nice article on reversible computing

The Fantastical Promise of Reversible Computing Reversible logic could cut the energy wasted by computers to zero. But significant challenges lie ahead. The world of computing is in transition. As chips become smaller and faster, they dissipate more heat, which is energy that is entirely wasted. By some estimates the difference between the amount of energy required to carry out a computation and the amount that today’s computers actually use, is some eight orders of magnitude. Clearly, there is room for improvement. -link
Article commenting on reversible computing a form of computing that could allow for ultra energy efficient computation.