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Quote on copyright Ip laws and need for reform

[context]Reply to burning flag being free speech.

"As is the transmission of bits through a digital system. Which hopefully we get supremes who GET IT. If messages transmitted through digital systems become protected as free speech, then it will basically require reform of IP laws, copyright laws. I believe that the same idea that says right to privacy trumps laws against sexual acts, same happens with laws against copyright violation, rights to privacy should trump ANY restriction that does not exist to protect the abuse of innocents, a private exchange between two consenting adults cannot reasonably be made illegal, it is a violation of their freedom and their rights over their own property*(YOU can arrange your OWN physical property, including the microscopic elements of your OWN computer in any way you want. The idea that you can't arrange your furniture, your magnets, or the microscopic states of your computer in certain configurations is PURE BS.). "-DS

Microsoft Surface Dial: Unboxing & Review

Anime Theory: Shelter EXPLAINED (Shelter Theory)

4K | TimeScapes: The Movie (Full) | UltraHD 60fps

How To Build a $1000 Virtual Reality Gaming PC

2016 Roy Walford lecture: NAD, Sirtuins and Aging - Leonard P. Guarente,...

Tested: Microsoft Surface Studio Review

Firefox 0day in the wild is being used to attack Tor users

Firefox 0day in the wild is being used to attack Tor users-news source link

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FlatOfis Sinpaş GYO (Real Time)

Real time architectural visualization in Unreal Engine 3 / UDK

black friday deal's article over at Arstechnica

Black Friday features $250 consoles, $700 VR headsets, and more

Plus a $100 Nintendo 3DS bundle and Steam Machines as low as $225. -news source link

Magical mirai 2016 | repeat

news aspartame| nutrition | 2016

Aspartame may prevent, not promote, weight loss by blocking intestinal enzyme's activity

-news source link


It seems aspartame might lead to greater weight gain upon high fat consumption, glucose intolerance and other issues.   Whether sucralose, has   similar issues remains to be seen, but for now it seems that sucralose would be a better no calorie sweetener.

PS I think I heard somewhere that aspartame interferes with some sirtuins function, if that is so, it'd interfere with things like resveratrol and pterostilbene.

Monday, November 21, 2016

more comments on tvs nov 2016 | rtings article commentary|TV Black Friday Sales and Deals The TVs to look out for.

TV Black Friday Sales and Deals
The TVs to look out for.-source article link rtings


Right now it seems the Samsung ks8000 models have received recently a substantial price cut.  These models feature hdr, 4k, and very good quality.  Not sure about dynamic hdr metadata.  They also feature very good latency in games supposedly.  Around 1000 for 55 inch depending on store.

The 6300 Samsung  is good for around 1300 depending on store you can get 70 inch tvs.  Think they've hdr, need check, not as good as the ks8000, but supposedly gaming latency is very good, need to check that too.

Now the 55 inch oled b6p from lg, can be found at places like best buy for around 1800 dollars.  The picture is the superior one, best quality, latency might not be as good.  But this is definitely a must have set.   Don't know about dynamic hdr metadata, but the specs are very good with per pixel illumination, hdr, 4k.    I think this model doesn't feature 3d, but similar oled models do feature 3d for similar price, iirc.  IF you get  an oled make sure to get the extended warranty, as I'm not sure if panel lifespan issues have been entirely solved in oled tech yet.

Another option is the lg uh8500, it's hdr isn't as good as the b6p or the ks8000, but it has 3d and it can be had for around 1100 in some retailers. 

Consider it is pretty likely that oled 4k hdr will likely be around 1000$ by next fall, making all current deals obsolete.   But if one wants to experience hdr 4k right now it depends upon how much one wants to pay.      Personally I wouldn't buy a tv without passive 3d, 4k, and hdr, I can tolerate a bit less than optimal latency if passive 3d is featured, but would obviously prefer both excellent latency as well as passive 3d.   Let's hope Cameron still stands with 3d in his next movies, which might spur 3d support again.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

link to neogaf thread on excellent deal at walmart

link 40" Samsung 4K TV + Xbox One S 1TB + Game or 4K Movie + Wireless Controller - $499

Comment even prior? it seems the price is at 596$, but if it is indeed prior it will go down to 499 very soon.   Not sure if prior given I'm not sure what date-time they use over at neogaf.  At time of this posting doesn't seem like the time of activation has happened.

Edit checked on sams, and they've what seems like the same tv at 288 for a limited time.  The ps4 pro is at 399(no offer on ps4 just regular price).   So it seems one could get a similar deal minus controller and movie/game for 187 dollars more with a ps4 pro instead of an xbox one.   If one buys from multiple retailers some retailers such as amazon seem to have the ps4 pro at 359 for a limited time, so one could get it there and the price difference would be around 147 dollars and the loss of a game and controller.

40 inch will serve as an excellent monitor come cheap 4k oleds sometime in the coming years(though it may be sooner, who knows.)

At 288 with HDR(supposedly not high quality hdr, but still HDR+4k) and I think I heard good latency, that's actually quite a deal.  People say you can't tell the difference, in panels under 100 inches, but I call bull, at 46 inches I can tell the difference even from 6 feet away, the distance I often sit from my tv.  Don't know about 40 inches though, but it still should be very good.  Very tempted to buy such.

Ipad pro recommended drawing apps article link

Whip out your Apple Pencil and try out the 11 best iPad Pro drawing apps -source link

The ipad pro has been seen with price cuts recently, and some say it has one of the best if not the best stylus for a tablet.   There are rumors the next half of next year there will be an upgraded version.  But for now the price is quite good with the rebates.


study of facial features might indicate evidence of potential criminality. Comment

Link Troubling Study Says Artificial Intelligence Can Predict Who Will Be Criminals Based on Facial Features

Comment: While it is true that it need not necessarily be the case that such predictions might be based on nothing more than spurious correlation, such is still a very real and valid possibility.  Until more is known about the genetics of face formation, the alternative cannot be entirely ruled out.  The body's organ development sometimes shares genes for different systems.  The size of organs involved in testosterone production or the size of certain brain regions could be in part influenced by genes that influence facial shapes.   IT is not yet entirely beyond conception that such could not only be shared in some way but that one may signal aspects of the other system.    Though again that is speculation, more information is needed regards facial development and why the genetics of it which may be evidenced in the constructed features may or may not associate with criminal tendencies.

Heathens - Suicide Squad

The Weeknd - Starboy ft. Daft Punk

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Breaking Benjamin - Ashes of Eden (Official Video)

【MMD】TDA式 ミク ぶれないアイで 【TDA Miku】

$1000 iPhone 6S Case - Advent

$5000 Ultimate Gaming PC - Time Lapse Build

Comment on thread on running simulations

I don't believe you actually can create such feelings, you can only access the memories of events. Simulation is only the creation of memory states and transitions between them, even with more elaborate branching of subsections, it is not different in kind than the playing of an interactive dvd. What happened happened and there's no changing it.

Those rapes and tortures they exist atemporally forever as possibilities, they happened, happen and will always happen. There's no changing it, you can view what is, and view alternate histories. But there's no changing the death of Yoda or Harry Potter's parents, those are things that are part of one potential sequence of events. The sequences exist independent of time.

Even with godhood, you can't stop logical possibilities from existing and always being, you can only view such, experience such.

Even simple substraction or addition with branching offers universal computation, a very simple process. There is nothing wrong morally with substracting, or adding, nor with making a decision as to where to add or substract. When you draw a painting of an elephant, that elephant exists independent of the painting, the painting is not unethical. Similar reality as is appears to be an instance of the possibilities, and the elephant exists independent of its presence in any one planet.
So yes I would run simulations, but the consciousness while referent to the structures generated, exists, existed, and will exist independent of any particular instantiation.

You can't stop sequences of events from happening, you can access such, and even access alternate ones where divine intervention occurs, but all possibilities have already taken root, they simply are, forever so. -source link for thread on kurzweilai

comment on black friday deals

There's going to be 3ds at 99$ which is pretty good, but I already have one, might be nice for a gift.

There's also pcs and laptops for 99$ but underspecc'ed

There's a 199$ 49 inch 4k Toshiba tv at I think best buy this black Friday, and a 55 inch 4k tv Philips at Walmart this black Friday.  Both very good deals, but I'd check for HDR compatibility.   Right now newegg seems to have some nice deals and some 4k tvs with hdr under 500$ from the lg brand.

But as I've said previously one needs to watch out for latency if one's to use such for gaming applications, also I still believe freesync and 3d as well as dynamic metadata hdr are a must.

The thing I'm planning on stocking up on are 4k blu rays which will be at reduced price at best buy, and probably other places.  Will see what amazon offers too.

Over at neogaf it seemed they were saying a very good Samsung model was brought under 1000$, getting a 1000+$ price cut recently, iirc, think it was in best buy, probably more info probably in their black Friday thread.

Ghost in the Shell Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Scarlett Johansson Movie


RUMOR very cheap lidar might be on the horizon(one of the main techs enabling automated cars)

lidar news

VerseQuence Ft. Hatsune Miku - Remember (Original) (PV)

Painting tutorial - Aeolian

[Hatsune Miku V4 English] Love Me Like You Do [Vocaloid Cover] (+MP3/VSQ...

Rumor#This Bumper Case Saved an iPhone 7 From a 500-foot Fall

Rumor#This Bumper Case Saved an iPhone 7 From a 500-foot Fall – Video-source
rhinoshield (note at moment wccftech seems or appears to have issues with hosting.)

rumor nintendo switch might debut at 249$

Rumor#The listing is for $329.99 Canadian dollars, which roughly equates to $245 – a price that could be rounded to $249 and possibly €249 for Europe. Of course, there’s a chance it could merely be a placeholder but it would certainly be an oddly specific and fitting choice for that purpose.--source

(source hosting doesn't seem stable.)

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How to Enable the Dark Theme in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

hypothetical future | hypothetical technology | internal arbitrary compound synthesis and storage | future of medicine

Potential technologies of medicine from the future.

As I've spoken elsewhere, vast increases in the capabilities of the body are likely, agelessness, cancer immunity, regeneration, ability to suspend metabolism, super immunity, extreme intelligence, increased strength and speed.

But even with a far better body, one may imagine that there may still be use for small molecules to be used from time to time, drug and drug like systems may still complement the age of advanced molecular machines implemented in medicine.

One hypothetical idea would be a device or organ that wirelessly took in data, and synthesized any compound measuring the blood levels of the compound and being updated and monitored in real time by doctors whether ai or biologically human.

In the future to come it is likely you will virtually have information from your body sent to your doctor and the advanced monitoring system will be enough for a diagnosis, at least in most cases, if need be for any drug or drug like compound the instructions to synthesize virtually any compound will be sent to a device within the body which will generate the compound in a regulated fashion.   Stores of compounds may be in place in case of medical emergency to administer vital compounds at vital times.

Comment on thread on bioprinters and agelessness

Neurons in mice, iirc, last over twice as long as mice limited only by new host lifespan, think it was [in] rats [when transplanted].  In humans neurons last at least 50% longer than average as evidenced by the longest lived human.   Some have hypothesized that neurons may not exhibit signs of aging in and of themselves, but that their decay may be the result of aging supporting cells.    Therapies are underway to try and rejuvenate supporting cells, and if these ideas are right, they may reverse signs of brain decay if caught on time before neural loss occurs.

Right now bowhead neurons, unless we find there's regeneration throughout their brains, these neurons likely exhibit high metabolic activity, have over 200 year lifespan, and do not likely differ too much from our neurons in terms of maintenance and repair.   That additional virtual century likely came without nature having to implement ever more elaborate solutions as hypothesized by those who believe extensive engineering is necessary to achieve agelessness.

The longer lived a species the closer it is to agelessness, the more minute the necessary changes should be, and perhaps they may be inducible even by drug cocktails.

Now as for bioprinters, the issue of need for vasculature, for nutrient exchange and waste removal, the problems with deep 3d printing, could be solved in part if we used genetic modification to imbue the ability to vastly reduce metabolic rate perhaps even suspend it whie conditions improve and become adequate.   

source link

Primates Regain Control of Paralyzed Limb | video accompanying the paralyzed primate restoration research | 2016

tech news | biotech news| paralyzed monkey restored thanks to implant | medical news | med news | 2016

Comment on elections | Politically corrept slapped hard by reality

Nice quote from someone over at neogaf regards the election over at neogaf, haven't verified but skimming info seems like it is so:

Republicans control

- Senate
- House of Representatives
- Majority of Governors
- Supreme Court pick

This hasn't happened since 1928

Only Trump could do the impossible. "
- neogaf user Spooky Scary Skeleton

Thread source link

Those who would be pro censorship, anti freedom, and would have thousands of individuals with views hostile to our way of life come to American soil, they lost this round.

Policy wise, supposedly I'm like 90+% in agreement with Hillary, but we've to be honest here, someone needs to put a stop to the regressive left, and I'm glad reality made the right 'choice'.

Political correctness needs to be nipped at the bud.    Now those who may not make it to the coming age of agelessness may experience less radical change in the moral landscape in the near future, such that their last days for now might be more pleasing.   Also this gives hopes to women and girls that they can be the first female president, a hope that would have been squashed had the contrary happened.

Also this fulfills prophecy, now the Simpsons has a more solid prophecy fulfillment under its belt.

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10 Times Richard Dawkins Blew Our Minds

Those 7 Savage Christopher Hitchens Mic Drops


Raven - Unbreakable

Teen Titans Go! Full Theme Song (Music Video)

VoCo. Adobe MAX 2016 (Sneak Peeks) | Adobe Creative Cloud

Top 5 LETDOWNS of the 2016 MacBook Pro

Best $10 iPhone 7 Case? Spigen Ultra Hybrid Review!

Top 9 Best Google Chrome Extensions

RSS in Plain English | rss tip and basic info from a long while back from some youtuber also comment

While RSS is cool, I don't check 24-7, I check news about twice a day, by which time news has appeared on virtually every site I visit.   An rss feed could still be useful, as it would update you in faster time, which may be useful for time sensitive data.   Rather than using primarily RSS, I mostly use fresh start extension for the chrome browser, fresh start saves all the tabs under a name of your choice, and you can have multiple sets of different tabs to open at any time.   So I set the news sites on the fresh start under one name, and then I open it twice a day, opening all the news sites at the same time.

One of the good things about fresh start is that all the tabs saved in this session manager are synched with any machine you log into with your google account in chrome.   So you can be at work, have several tabs open can't read them all, save them, close the browser, and keep reading from your tablet or at home.   Also as said it saves time by not having to type in all the news sites(I like visiting the original sites, and watching the way the page is organized.), and allowing you to open over a dozen tabs at the same time if need be, also you can save research for later, close the browser, and reopen a group of tabs later on the same or a different machine.  Very good especially to prevent loss of research pages in the event of browser or machine failure.

Things n' Stuff #1: Updates and Unboxings

Richard Clarke And His View On The Future | Interviewed By Ray Kurzweil

Stephen Hawking's Opinion On Artificial Intelligence

Foaming Soap Pump Dispenser

Similar types of foaming soap dispensers are sold at Walmart and also,  some can use a large amount of water with a little bit of soap mixture, just like this one, without giving you that watered down watery soap feeling, but instead a buttery smooth foam! 

They are excellent products, think several brands have these, and there are also automated versions for extra hygiene.

It's not so much about saving the planet, as in saving the wallet.  By using foam instead of raw liquid soap you can have your soap last a very long long time.  Especially those large refill bottles they sale at Costco, Sams, etc.

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atb - ecstasy | repeat

Ivan Torrent - Before I Leave This World (Beautiful Orchestral)

Raven Alive

10 Unsolved Mysteries Of World War I

Echos - Haunt

$9600 Setup | Perfect Desk Setup - Episode 2

Comment on Doctor Strange movie | also comment regards reality warp and viability

The movie was ACE very entertaining, particularly the vast showcase of powers and effects, it will be interesting to see if they can top this in infinity war movie.   I've been waiting a long time for more developed real world movie examples of vast modifications of the real world.   While it may go under differing names, the manipulation of physical law is of interest.

As I've said previously one of the things that I would like to check is the real world viability of or lack there of, is the possibility of a reality manipulation, physical law manipulation, a reality warping machine.  I think some call this akashic engineering, though there may be some differences in regards the term.    It need not be said that should a reality warp machine be possible, first mover would have an absolute advantage and they may at best be bound by logic, but neither the laws of man nor nature would have hold over such a being or group.

For now it seems that reality warp class powers can only be had within the virtual domains, in a layer atop the real physical world, within another world sitting atop this one.   But if as some suggest reality is a naturally occurring simulation, and as others suggest physical laws may vary across a hypothetical multiverse.  The possibility of modifying physical law, the real world to the extent that the virtual can be, stands as a possibility, however remote.

As I've said freedom, security and time.  Those are the 3 factors, that can fundamentally define the fate of one's self.

Variation of the average regards complex traits in populations or groups | comments

A while back some researchers claimed there existed variation in the average intelligence of certain groups or populations.  I won't go into the details of their particular research, or whether it was faulty or not.   Maybe it was maybe it wasn't, would have to look deep into the issue(As there is bound to be bias on both sides trying to defend or debunk it.). But the premise is sound, and we've evidence of similar in other complex traits(polygenic traits) besides intelligence, for example height.

Height is said to be a complex trait, now I know hollywood uses camera tricks and other tricks to smooth out height differences in actors who're too short or too tall.   That could explain a bit of it.  But if you look at the movie blackhat, with Chris Hemsworth, near the end he goes to a region were he's basically a giant compared to most of the population of that region.   The same happens to a lesser extent in Doctor Strange, where the main actor again looks gigantic in the foreign region.   Yes we could say that perhaps those were areas were camera tricks were not used to cover their height, but I've got a very simple example that proves the point, that real variation of the averages exist for real.  Pygmyies.   It is quite clear that the groups labeled under pygmy label have notable height difference from say most of the people of England.

Similarly, nothing ABSOLUTELY nothing impedes variations of average intelligence, even ones OF PYGMY level notable extent from occurring in some groups or populations.

The politically correct want to deny that traits can vary, the average can vary between populations, that some groups may have greater strength on average(men vs women), some may have greater speed and or stamina(certain ethnicities), and that yes some may even have greater average intelligence.

When someone comes to you and says only skin color or a few facial traits are all the difference there is, that it is all superficial, and of no real world consequence.  Just ask them about pygmies.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Bioforming and Gene Tailoring | video from a cool youtuber, and my comment regards his vid topic below

Comment on the above video:

Recently a high efficiency(according to news) electricity conversion of atmospheric co2 to ethanol method was achieved through I think nano tipped carbon structures.   Theoretically similar could be built by cells, such that the cells did  not depend on sun light but electricity for biomaterial production.   Using a fusion reactor, the direct electricity to biochemical energy production should potentially be more efficient than electricity to light to chemical energy conversions.

Regards gene therapies, I believe hypothetical nucleus exchange technique should work.  You create modified cells, that are designed to fuse with existing cells sync some of the epigenetics and destroy the existing nucleus, they then set an external molecular tag to signal that the cell has been changed with an updated nucleus and stop further fusions.   Depending on how fast you need the changes, therapies targetting mainly the stem cell pools could over time change slowly most of the body.  IF you want high speed or also for neurons you may need nucleus exchange with epigenetic synching of some of the genetic material.

As for hypothetical genetic modifications, I believe a question remains on whether we can merge our digital computation technology with the ancient biological machinery.   For example advanced 3d molecular computers with fiber optic links are hypothesized to exceed human brain performance over a trillion fold.   Such could be built by cells hypothetically if we can adapt biology to construct digital computers, and quantum ones too if they're feasible.

I've heard that some insects can be over 10+hrs without oxygen without suffering neural damage, a human cannot.  Through metabolic speed reduction and even virtually stopping metabolic function some other animals can last decades without food, water or air.

There's also the case for negligible senescence,  regeneration, and potentially superhuman speed, strength and durability.

Personally I would like the merging of digital computers with biological bodies, 3d printed or womb grown fully human bodies with digital computer chips instead of brains that are remotely controlled or updated via wireless network.

Unless hard nano, the hypothetical universal assembler is possible.  A negligible senescence regenerating human body will outlast any potential traditional droid, as it will be self repairing self maintaining and low energy use.   For certain applications, and also for visual appeal, texture and feel, fully human flesh is hard to beat.

TensorFlow in 5 Minutes

Deep Learning Frameworks Compared

Elon Musk: Moving Toward Universal Basic Income Due To Automation | CNBC

Muslim Feminist: The Biggest Lie Ever Told | note: havent verified if all that is in the text, if it is not later abbrogated or if the original language differs in context, that needs checking in the future