Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Silver End - Conquer the Silence

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Someone could become a lawyer, a very good lawyer, yet their power would be severely limited.

The laws of men, you could read them and gain dominion over them, yet even with untold mastery those disagreeing with the law if not swayed would ignore the law.  Juries, judges, etc.  It matters not how clearly you stated what the laws indicated, or even if flaws were found in the laws, it would all be ignored.   Because the whims of men is fickle, and the bindings of the laws of men is loose.

But the true law of the world, its binding is unbreakable, there is no whim that can restrict the inevitability of the true law.    Those that master the ultimate laws, the true laws of this world, wielding the truth, what they can defend and what they can defeat knows no bound.   Before an immutable law governing the world, all nations and all men vow.  Neither votes, nor armies can stand before the might of what is made possible by truth.  A mere glimpse at the law gave the power of the atom, yet what lay deeper far surpasses this.

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