Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Comment on lithium batteries vs nickel metal hydride.

Comment on lithium batteries.  Lithium batteries are good if you remember to keep them charged, though chemistries are improving so things might've changed or might change for the better.  Right now, if a lithium battery is left to itself without charging for a few years, the battery loses charge and inflates becoming nonfunctional.   Nickel Metal Hydride might occupy more space and probably weight more, and might be more expensive, but some nickel metal hydride products claim to maintain a charge for over 10 years, they also claim thousands of recharge cycles vs the usual hundreds for lithium.  

So hypothetically if you get products with 10+years of charge and thousands of recharge cycles, you can just store large quantities of such, and they should work with no trouble, hypothetically speaking.

All in all in terms of survival gear, it would seem Nickel Metal Hydride solutions like the eneloop brand seem better.   Though if you're near the beach, you have to keep them in some box, as my last eneloop battery terminals became oxidized while I was near the beach for a good portion of the year.  
There are charger powerbank devices that can charge the AA and AAA batteries and can also use the batteries to charge usb devices.  These battery power banks from various brands can be obtained at amazon with free shipping in many cases if you've prime

Costco sells the eneloop with non-powerbank(can charge batteries but can't use charger to charge usb devices from batteries) charger for a good price.  

Comment on microsoft october 26 event.

Comment on microsoft october 26 event.

The 3d scanning and 3d paint stuff is ace, as is the free creator update

--A new “Windows Capture 3D Experience” app lets people use a smartphone to quickly and easily scan an object in 3D. The 3D capture app will initially be available only on smartphones that run Windows, but Microsoft will launch the app for other platforms moving forward. -source bgr link

Surface book, iirc, starts at 1499$ according to the above bgr source.  That seems like a good price.   The improvements from earlier models are good, and the battery life seems ace.

 The surface studio looks and sounds ace, but I think the price is a bit much.   At 1999.99 I'd consider it, at 1499.99-1799.99 it be killer.  But at 2999.99, well for that much money I could likely buy a high end superior gpu, a high framerate 3d monitor, lots of ram, 8+TB of hdd space, a high end ssd, and a superior cpu, and still have enough to likely buy an ipad pro too.   True building a custom pc and buying an ipad pro won't have the same features, but in many respects there are significant benefits to doing so.

Future Islands - "A Dream Of You And Me"

Does Free Speech Offend You?

"Mimikyu's Song" - English Version (Cover by Will-O-Wisps) ? english voice not sub

Are You on the Wrong Side of History? | plus comment regards this youtuber's video

Comment on video : While I agree that people shouldn't give up on any fight they believe on.   The world in all likelihood is deterministic, as true randomness existing is dubious.   There is also the law of the living, survival of the fittest.   The fittest determine the future, in terms of genes, their information propagates more successfully.   Soon the mind will gain control over the very nature of life, and genetics will be under the control of information technologies. 

 With control over life itself, and the advanced technologies to preserve and backup information.  The integration of our digital technology with the ancient machinery of life, will allow for immortality.    It stands to reason as has happened as complexity increased, the fittest will prevail again, and the fittest minds will determine the future by having the most influence upon it.

Post-humanity need not agree with humanity's present moral compass, its superior knowledge, intellect and mind design, ensures that they are more capable and closer to the ideal of a perfect mind with perfect information.  And it is post-humanity that will determine the fate of the earth and all those on it.

Microsoft Event: 90 Second Recap