Monday, December 11, 2017

Ryzen 2000 Release Info + Titan V Gaming Benchmarks


Comment on cryptocurrencies | Bitcoin | ETHEREUM | etc

  I will add it's still early in the crypto economies. If these don't crash bad soon, you could make real buck in short order.

Ether was 8$ at the beginning of the year, it's over 440$ now and has even reached 500$ for a bit. Litecoin was 4.33 in january, it's now 150+$. I think other cryptos have experienced similar growth, for some we're talking 1000% growth per year, year over year. Or a 1000000% or in other words(100X initial value) value increase within 2 years. If the market doesn't crash in the extremely near future, and trend remains, such a return is crazy. We're talking 1$M dollars per 10,000$ investment. Pay the IRS whatever ridiculous tax they want, even minor investment and you could have your mortgage, student loans, and credit card debt paid in full within a couple of years if there's no major crash, pull and diversify in dividend paying stock, and you'll have indefinite ever growing income for life.

Worries are the laws, and also rumors of conventional oil supply constraints starting to affect the real economy in the near future, as well as climate change, and the rumored imminent global economy crash. No telling how crypto market will respond to such.


Do not take that as financial advice, just a random comment.   If you're going to invest in this, invest wisely only what you're willing and able to lose, and don't take that last comment as financial advice either...