Monday, August 31, 2015

interesting snippet from an article from this year(2015)

"There’s been another shake-up in our understanding of the causes of cardiovascular disease. Cholesterol is still king. But it now shares explanatory power with a swarm of bacteria resident in the digestive tract. The first studies of these bacteria (reviewed here) found direct links between the chemical product of their metabolism and the vascular events leading to heart attack. Now studies are linking these bacteria to heart failure and even chronic kidney disease."-link

cool vid

Sunday, August 23, 2015

post on vr on kurzweilai

The fact that they accomplish things is what makes them real.-Spikosauropod

In the end it is not the effects on unconscious matter that matters, wind blowing in a planet never to be inhabited is meaningless. What actually matters is the effects upon conscious agents. And [full immersion] virtual reality allows direct manipulation of conscious states. Pleasure, pain, myriad experiences.-link