Monday, June 2, 2014

Another quote on livable wage

"The Republican ideals nowadays have no reality, alternate or otherwise, that make any sense at all. You can't limit/reduce education funding, limit/reduce access to healthcare, limit/reduce access to WELFARE, vote against the minimum wage increase, protect huge corporations with law loopholes, and then tell people to deal with it and feign that you actually care about the American people. You're cutting-off every facet of reasonable aid to them, one by one."-Funkymunkey, neogaf

quote regarding livable wage

  "... If I ended up divorced and jobless I would be dead within a year of being unemployed, because no matter how much I save up now (I'm saving around 60% of my paycheck right now) I'm still fucked by medical bills. I'd have to crash at a friend's place because I have no family, and there is no way can I expect any of them to foot the cost of my health care.

I have two auto immune diseases, one genetic which it caused the second, that will kill me if I don't treat it daily. This means I can't even live out of my fucking car (which is bought and paid for) and shower in a fucking 24hour Fitness to struggle and get by. With health care costing what it does now, think I can manage to survive taking shitty jobs that pay dirt?

So if I lose my job (and I even have a four year degree) and can't find another within a year do I deserve to die? I don't even have any fucking dependents either and I still wouldn't be able to keep myself alive on minimum wage. But fuck me, I guess my DNA didn't pull on its bootstraps hard enough.

Many people have it significantly worse then you do but we should just watch them slowly work themselves to death because no one wants to pay employees livable wages, despite the fact the jobs they do are necessary for society to function. Fuck you, I have mine." -Alchemy, neogaf

A nice quote on a minimum wage thread over at neogaf.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sirtuins revisited

We now know that metazoans have multiple nutrient-sensing pathways
that can affect the life span (e.g., insulin signaling)
(Kenyon 2010), TOR (Johnson et al. 2013), AMP kinase
(Kahn et al. 2005), and sirtuins (Guarente 2000). Any
variability in laboratory conditions might favor signaling
through different subsets of these pathways, explaining
the reported differences in the genetic requirements
for CR in lower organisms (Speakman and Mitchell
2011).SIRT1 activators-link

An article overview of sirtuins and their connection to calorie restriction.