Tuesday, August 22, 2017

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News: Robot Vs. Predator + Comment

My comment on TFM's video:

My opinion is that even if something increased the chances of crimes, that is not enough reason to infringe on the rights to freedom. Allowing people to own guns, assuming you had tech which could eliminate the black market, would increase the chance of gun related crimes.

  Allowing people to drink alcohol, probably also increases the chance of crimes and drunk driving, especially if you had tech which could eliminate the black market for such.

Again, allowing people to have privacy, probably increases the chance of crimes within the home and the planning of crimes or terrorist acts. If you had the technology to read people's minds, allowing them privacy of their thoughts, most likely increases chance of crimes.

Just because allowing something increases crimes does not mean it gives anyone the right to infringe on others freedoms.

In the future with organ printing, you could print all the organs, entire body without the brain just the brain stem, and replacing the brain with a computer able to control the nerves. A bioroid physically indistinguishable from the real thing in both behavior and feelings. But the laws could try and restrict freedom of what type of harmless physical property an individual owns.

To be honest the idea of depriving someone of their freedom and sending them to jail or killing them, either for drawings or blasphemy(as happens in some countries), is something that truly angers me, it is a complete injustice. The unfit rule, like a cancer that festers, but the birth of posthumanity will mark an end to their days of reign.

World's Greatest Battle Music Ever: Infinity Chasers (Fractal Dreamers)

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Ryzen 5 1600/1600X vs Core i5/ i7/ Ryzen 7 Gaming Benchmarks

Comment on Pay Gap

Way Ive heard when you take into account profession choices e.g. ( electrical engineer vs nurse), (computer engineer vs teacher), with females tending more to one than to the other(it's the difference between working with things versus working more directly with people), the wage gap basically disappears and some have said studies indicate in those under 30 the supposed gap is actually strongly in favor of females over males.

If men by moving more between corps in search of a higher salary, a high risk move more men tend to make than women, by working more hours often at the expense of family something that might be done by more men than women, ask their bosses for raises taking the risk more often, somehow manage to in their later years EARN a few % more raises and overcome the pay gap in favor of females. Don't see the issue, and again it is still a very small advantage of a few percent in the remaining pay gap once professions are accounted for.

This is without taking into account that the curve of iq spreads more for males, making men basically far more common at the extremes of iq, even admitted by left researchers like Stephen Pinker, iirc.


Women in their 20s earn more than men of same age, study finds-guardian

"Young women in New York and several of the nation’s other largest cities who work full time have forged ahead of men in wages, according to an analysis of recent census data.

The shift has occurred in New York since 2000 and even earlier in Los Angeles, Dallas and a few other cities. " For Young Earners in Big City, a Gap in Women’s Favor-ny times

Tuesday, August 8, 2017