Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Laser Keyboards – Do they REALLY shoot first?

Ace Combat 7 on PS4: First Look + Tech Analysis + Frame-Rate Test

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Comment on antiaging thread at kurzweilai.

I'll say what I always say.

A neuron was transplanted from one species to another with twice the lifespan, it lived as long as the new host.   The researchers said it had potentially unlimited lifespan, and could probably live longer in even longer lived species.   I believe if you had taken an average human's neuron and put it into Calment it too would have lasted 122+ years, over 50% longer than most any human.   While it would be bolder it may be that even if transplanted into a bowhead, a human neuron could last over 200 years.

Some like Michael Fossel, appear to suggest too that a fraction of cells do not show signs of aging, and only fail due to failing supporting tissue, aging supporting cells.

If the body has cells that do not age, as it appears to have, what then?  The genes of these cells are shared with virtually all cells in the body, the same repair and maintenance mechanism that allows for an immortal cell exists in all cells.

As a species evolves to be longer lived, and longer lived, there are two positions one 1.) it gets harder and harder requiring ever stronger natural selection to push the longevity.  2.) as it gets longer lived and longer lived the fewer the remaining steps to gain indefinite lifespan or biological immortality, the fewer the steps.

Humans are already very long lived, and as I said it may be some cells within humans are already exhibiting agelessness(their parameters only declining due to aging of supporting cells).   It may be that a drug or drug combo could tweak gene expression enough to allow for decades or centuries of added lifespan.-DS, source link

Logitech G Play: POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System



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Limitless Lab-Grown Blood Is 'Tantalizingly Close' After 20 Years

Limitless Lab-Grown Blood Is 'Tantalizingly Close' After 20 Years: Blood stem cells are things of wonder: hidden inside each single cell is the power to reconstitute an entire blood system, like a sort of biological big bang. Yet with great power comes greater vulnerability. Once these “master cells” are compromised, as in the case of leukemia and other blood disorders, treatment options are severely …

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MiXE1 - Lights Out [HD]

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10 YEARS of NVIDIA Video Cards Compared!

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Tech comment future potential hypothesizing

Comment done regards technological capabilities that may enable self-sufficiency at high levels  of technological capability, without the global supply chains, and hard to get components.   Which may be useful in things like future off world colonies, and may be necessary for true self sufficiency of such colonies, and easing their rapid expansion in hostile worlds.

Realistically there are only two possibilities, and they may not be that realistic depending on who you ask.

1.) Hard nano or atomically precise manufacturing, molecular machinery unlike that seen in nature able to self repair, separate and recycle component at the level of atoms, similar to life but supposedly with more precision. I don't think this is possible outside specialized lab conditions with vacuums, probably requiring low temperature.

2.) Extremophiles have shown biology surpassing the limits biologists believed for life, some organisms also were able to synthesize unthinkable ultra reactive substances that would react with almost any internal cellular component and cause an explosive reaction, that is one rocket fuel ingredient.

Hypothetically, there may be a way to combine our advances in manufacturing and information processing with biology itself, molecular machines, through extremely advanced synthetic biology using unevolved and unevolvable molecular systems. It depends on the limits of advanced synthetic biology, but I wouldn't bet against it.

Requires intermediate step of mastering de novo protein design, and multicomponent molecular machines, de novo complex multicellular organisms. Once the science develops it may take years for hundreds of specialists to design living machines for specialized purposes.

That is eventually you would have living machines able to gene sequence, dna synthesize, advanced recycling, advanced manufacturing with nanoscale precision(as seen in nature but with novel materials not seen in nature), energy generation and storage, advanced computing and data storage, etc.

The machines would be designed to exhibit negligible senescence or agelessness, able to last indefinitely, the systems would be mostly self-enclosed, utilizing energy to self repair and recycle wastes. In some cases they could be fully self-enclosed exchanging only energy with the exterior environment.

Such systems should be able to take arbitrary raw soil or raw matter, and decompose it down, break it down to atoms and molecules, and utilize the materials to build other copies of themselves, for growth, and for self repair.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator - Official Trailer 1

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Luca Antolini vs Marzio Dance We Belong (S.H.O.K.K Remix)

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The Rise and Fall of Command & Conquer

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Monday, May 8, 2017

BLADE RUNNER 2049 Trailer 2 (Extended) 2017

nice quote from a thread | preservation of life related

"the sun will kill all lifeforms on earth in several 100 million years, iirc. Only hope most life on earth has(excluding bacteria and tardigrades kicked off planet by meteors) is humans' technological progress.

To be sequenced and stored in permanent quartz memory, their genes would last billions of years, and with technology renewing memory, trillions of years. Future DNA synthesis and the fabled universal artificial womb would allow them to be brought to life again and again far beyond the lifespan of any species that has ever existed on earth.
Once stored no species would ever go extinct."-DaC

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Smash Into Pieces - Higher

「Nightcore」Re:Creators OP - Gravity Wall

The Anix - In The End [HD]

Are You a Boltzmann Brain? | Space Time

My comment regards this PBS vid:

If a copy of harry potter appears out of the blue, and another copy is written on a planet by a human author.  IF they have the same content they are the same book.    Especially if they are identical to the most minute detail, were that possible randomly.

Even if there are an infinite number of brains with the same experience floating about, popping up for all eternity, if their content is exactly equal to those of brains in human bodies within planets, they are the same brains.  

It is the moment when things diverge from a consistent set of experiences based on physical law that you could distinguish such states, but all states that follow a similar evolution will be indistinguishable for the observer.    But even inconsistencies can occur anywhere, albeit rarely, due to quantum laws.

Unless there's uniqueness to each copy, binding the identity of a conscious observer to the continuation of a particular copy.   An infinite eternal number of copies regards a particular piece of information might imply this information is immortal and indestructible.    That is if the copies do not have uniqueness to separate them, but are indeed true copies, then some manner of indefinite existence might be a conclusion.

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