Wednesday, March 15, 2017

GoodAI CEO Marek Rosa on the General AI Challenge and comment on the youtuber's video

Comment: While it is true that intelligence can be beat in certain scenarios, it is the key to surpass unevolvable roadblocks in the design of an organism.    You see animals evolving to be faster, to fly higher, to see further, yet it is our machines that surpass them in most if not all categories, at the very thing they specialize.

With advanced synthetic biology, we will be able to design organisms far beyond anything that has evolved.     Unless there is something like spontaneous wormholes into other universes actually being made by nature, or some other means of surviving the end of the universe, it is intelligence that can if there is a way find a way to survive the end.

Out of all the solutions by evolution, there is only one that allows you to eventually intelligently design and modify the underlying genetic code arbitrarily allowing for access to all possible evolvable and unevolvable phenotypes .   Only technology, enabled by intelligence, allows you to sequence all organisms, take their benefits, combine them, and even transcend them.

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