Thursday, April 27, 2017

Are You a Boltzmann Brain? | Space Time

My comment regards this PBS vid:

If a copy of harry potter appears out of the blue, and another copy is written on a planet by a human author.  IF they have the same content they are the same book.    Especially if they are identical to the most minute detail, were that possible randomly.

Even if there are an infinite number of brains with the same experience floating about, popping up for all eternity, if their content is exactly equal to those of brains in human bodies within planets, they are the same brains.  

It is the moment when things diverge from a consistent set of experiences based on physical law that you could distinguish such states, but all states that follow a similar evolution will be indistinguishable for the observer.    But even inconsistencies can occur anywhere, albeit rarely, due to quantum laws.

Unless there's uniqueness to each copy, binding the identity of a conscious observer to the continuation of a particular copy.   An infinite eternal number of copies regards a particular piece of information might imply this information is immortal and indestructible.    That is if the copies do not have uniqueness to separate them, but are indeed true copies, then some manner of indefinite existence might be a conclusion.

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