Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Future amd gpu tech news

Vega 20 will be building on AMD’s philosophy of curtailing excess and should bring significant leaps in power efficiency and performance per watt. The GPU will have the same core count as the Vega 10 GPU at 64 Compute Units and will be based on the 7nm FinFET architecture. Since the designation remains GFX9, we can easily assume that this is, in fact, a simple node shrink of the Vega 10 GPU ported over to 7nm with bigger and better memory (it will have 32 GB HBM2 with 1 TB/s of bandwidth)...

Navi is the next generation architecture (next-next generation?) which will succeed Vega. However, according to this leak, it has been delayed by one year due to the introduction of the new chips in the Vega lineup. It will now be landing sometimes in 2019. Navi 10 and Navi 11 will replace Vega 10 and 11 respectively and should offer a significant upgrade over the former due to an increase in core count. Since the architecture is pretty far out into the horizon, there isn’t much point talking about it right now. That said, however, it is clear that RTG is introducing the Vega 10 based dual-GPU to keep high-end enthusiasts happy till the time Navi arrives – considering it will probably be able to rock more power than the latter (which is a single chip card).-source wccftech


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