Monday, September 26, 2016

UPDATED COMMENT ON IP LAWS and BLOCKCHAINs and some other comments


Goods and values can be generated out of the ether even de novo, sharing an idea does not mean we must somehow butcher our property or our minds.
The blockchain is useful for people to prove authorship and to gain fair compensation. That does not mean that it shouldn't exist in light of a world free of IP laws a world where copyright and patents are no more. Only fair attribution and compensation by fans directly to the coiner, the finder, the so-called 'creator' of the idea, WILLINGLY WILLINGLY not by THREAT OF FORCE is fair.
The same happens with many of the worlds religions, which claim God has a right to FORCED compensation, compensation for supposed wrongdoings, under THREAT OF FORCE. That is an erroneous idea, and it simply proves these religions false. People compensate WILLINGLY WILLINGLY WILLINGLY and if you USE FORCE and THREATS to get your way, we all know that's UNFAIR.
What man considers right and what man considers right need not align with what is truly right or wrong if there is such a thing under the divine light of the eternal truth

Also comment on finitude of the possible and on security of citizens in the event of full automation

Information is not created nor destroyed. The number of possible patterns of reasonable size is a finite pool, even unintelligent algorithms can sample it all, generating all the content past present future real or imaginary of all possible worlds. Even if you allow for infinity, it will only result in regurgitation of undigested chunks of this pool, whole books copied word for word, whole scenes copied detail for detail, etc will be merely put in a different order and called brand new.

Well the natural resources of a nation can easily be made the property of its citizenship, irregardless of willingness to trade of the elite. Without the physical resources of the various nations their financial assets are worthless.

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