Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Reply to thread on Trump

Trump has trolled the media, and took down all the republican candidates for president. I'm sure he'd be able to turn the people against the senate and house if they road blocked reasonable proposals, making them all look like fools.

The entire mass offline media is in collusion with hillary(editing out bill clinton's frequently comment regards hillary's falls, editing hillary saying "bombing" basically in the same sentence she criticizes trump for saying bombing, all using hillary's "power through" motto in network after network as if from a script, etc). Even online republicans were pissed at facebook and the human curators and apparent censorship of certain topics. Even google it is known has made publically a policy of demonetizing controversial youtube videos.

Despite the media being against him, he's the one powering through. He's said so many crazy things to appeal to basically anyone, and yet he's managed to recover from virtually every single thing he's said. With the world against him, perhaps he will manage to power through, perhaps the revolution and change that people wanted and have been wanting for the last 8 years will come to pass.-source link

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