Tuesday, September 20, 2016

On islamophobia

You know religion is not some magical thing beyond repproach, it is a set of beliefs open to criticism. IT is not sacred, and it can be dangerous when it is a right wing totalitarian ideology from the medieval ages as is islam.

So if you're speaking on his remarks on muslims. Again imagine if during world war 2 we said there is naziphobia and german nazis should be allowed without scrutiny with open borders. How bonkers would that be? So because they didn't call hitler their prophet, that makes it any different, as if calling the founder of a belief system a prophet makes the belief already sacred?

We are at WAR with RADICAL ISLAMIC terrorism. Allowing believers in islam without constraint is no different than allowing nazis without constraint during wwii.

Religion is not race, nor magical, nor sacred. And islamophobe is no different from naziphobe.

Islam is hostile towards our western values, our western society, and it has divine permission to lie about their intent to assimilate and later behead. Just because someone claims something, if they follow a toxic middle ages text that promotes them lying to protect the belief, you just can't trust them.

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